the northern drones

the northern drones

 Dublin, Leinster, IRL

The band specialise in psychedelic drones - building up hypnotic, stripped down repetitive sounds with all components geared towards creating a soundscape. no instrument is to the fore while the vocals are as much an element of the instrumental mix as the guitars.


the northern drones mostly record their music live to tape, with minimum effects and edits, with no interest in attempting to replicate the overproduced clean approach favoured by some other jucks.
Usually they play drones rather than songs, sometimes repetetive, maybe hypnotic, but mostly in tune.
Whatever other noises are goin on, the northern drones will continue to threaten to release records and play live or dead whenever suits them, or others.

the band consists of steve, john and justin, all from the northern half of ireland



The Northern Drones - The Northern Drones (2010)

The Northern Drones - One Hundred Eyes (2011)

Tracks featured on 2FM (national station) include:

Mornin Lite (most frequently played track)
Northern Drone
Won't Take Long
Solid Waste
One Hundred Eyes
Five Per Cent
No Sense

Set List

varies by gig