The No-Shirts

The No-Shirts


The No-Shirts are energetic, thoughtful, creative people that love to make music. We put our fans first so that means YOU! Our new CD "Stuck In Suburbia" is out so go ahead and get yourself a copy!


The No-Shirts is a bunch of guys from Northern Bergen County NJ who have been playing music for the majority of their lives. Always looking to do something musically interesting, The No-Shirts have been known to play shows with horns, piano, and even glowsticks tapped all over the place. Though the name may seen immature, this band is actually very serious and takes being a performing musican professionally. That doesn't mean we dont like a laugh. Take a listen, we are positive you will find something you will like.


"Stuck In Suburbia" released March 2008.
Singles- Stuck In Suburbia, Story on a Shelf

Set List

We usually play from 30 minutes to an hour. We play all original songs with the ocasional Hendrix, Beatles, or Oasis cover.