the notebook compromise

the notebook compromise


"A band that likes to play loud, fast, and fun post hardcore music. Its catchy yet hard. Its silly yet emotional. The live performance is entertaining to watch and even more fun to dance along with!"


theNOTEBOOKcompromise is a six-piece band based out of Mechanicsville/Richmond, Virginia. Blending sounds from such bands as Emery, Fear Before the March of Flames, Funeral For A Friend, Silverstein and Thursday, theNOTEBOOKcompromise will melt off your ears with the extreme pleasure of everyone involved.

theNOTEBOOKcompromise began with Josh, Phillip, and Jared's passion for music and starting a band. Josh and Jared met Chad at Panera Bread, of all places. They quickly began to assemble songs and practice. Chad's friend Jeff was introduced into the musical environment after Chad lost his license in a tragic speeding predicament, that left Jeff driving Chad to practice. Jeff picked up a pair of maracas and was quickly introduced into the band after they noticed his rhythmic skills, and because he couldn't play anything with as much talent as the maracas. Jared introduced Toby to the band on the keyboard and the band has been driving hard to perfect their sound ever since.

After recording a Demo and Playing a few dozen shows with the full line-up, the band have become destined to dominate the United States.


-DEMO 2005
-Blank Silhouettes airs on Richmond Indie Radio
and Y101
- Sophia! Sophia! EP recording in April 2006.

Set List

1) Abandon All Your Animosities so You can Turn Around and have new Ones
2) I know a Man Who dug his own Grave
3) Abba Zabba vs. The Ants
4) Blank Sillhouettes
5) Six months of unwanted reunion
6) All We are is michael patton
7) Thought Process
8) Flourescent lighting burns My Eyes.
40 - 45 minutes.