The Not-Its!

The Not-Its!

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandRockChildren's Music

The Not-Its! are a rockin' 5-piece band from Seattle on a mission to make kids dance!! Fronted by Sarah Shannon, singer of lauded '90s Sub Pop sensation Velocity Girl, the Not-Its! feature crunchy guitars combined with smooth, four-part harmonies, all nestled within perfectly crafted pop gems.


For nearly 3 years now, kids and parents alike
are flying to their feet in a rock n’ roll frenzy inresponse
to the power-pop sounds and four-part harmonies
of Seattle-based recording artists, The Not-Its!.
With their third record, Tag, You’re It!, the band
wastes no time in giving fans more of the deliciously
catchy tunes that make kids move and parents

The lovely lead vocals of Sarah Shannon are
strong and true, and have for years been an indie
favorite. In the 90s, Shannon fronted the successful
Sub-Pop indie band, Velocity Girl; with The Not-Its!,
the indie-pop-rock musical sensibilities carry over,
and kid-friendly lyrics round out these carefully
crafted jams. Tag, You’re It! is lush with musical
variety, packed solid with high-energy tempos and
lyrics that speak to the kid mentality. The first track,
“Freeze Tag” sets the pace and proves The Not-Its!
are here to rock with crunchy guitars, thundering
drums, and whip-smart lyrics encouraging kids
to drop the video games, get outside, and “run
around, run, run around…make like a pop-poppop
popsicle frozen!”

In 2009, The Not-Its! electrified the kindie music
scene with the release of their first record, We Are
The Not-Its!. The band received a Fids & Kamily
Music Award for one of the best family music
albums of 2009—a rare honor for a brand new music
group. Kids’ music authority Stefan Shepherd of
Zooglobble enthused of the title track, “‘We Are The
Not-Its!’ is one of the two or three best theme songs
ever … this album rocks.” According to Jeff Bogle
of Out With The Kids, “The disc’s a treat, one that
your kids should be allowed to gobble up as often
as they wish.” The Australian website, Babyology,
wrote, “It’s rare that I really enjoy every track on an
album … the whole album is thoroughly enjoyable.
Every note of this album works beautifully.” Amy
Kraft of Media Macaroni explained, “I love it when
we find albums that [my daughter] and I both like
to listen to. They’ve got a great rockin’ sound, and
the songs are immediately accessible to kids.”

In Summer 2010, The Not-Its! released their
second album, Time Out To Rock, and the media and public response was incredible. Time Out New York KIDS called Time Out To Rock, “the kindie music equivalent to a summer movie blockbuster,” and Christina Refford of Cool Mom Picks claimed “songs like ‘Green Light, Go!’ are so cool, I’d play them louder if I wasn’t worried about things like my kids’ eardrums.” Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel said, “This is an album that you crank up and dance around the room to with your kids. Time Out To Rock is 100% pure unadulterated fun. This album is chock full of great riffs, great song writing, and an all around great time.” The Everett Herald expressed to readers that, “If you dig kiddie mosh pits, love the sound of Blondie or the B-52s and like tights and skinny ties, you are a parent who will approve of The Not-Its!”
This spring the band was honored with an invitation to perform in the 2011 Kindiefest industry showcase—the country’s only kindie music conference—in Brooklyn, NY. Additionally, the band was awarded the opportunity to bring their pink tutus and skinny ties, sparkly shoes, and high-energy stage performances to the Kansas City Jiggle Jam Festival—the Midwest’s largest family music festival—where they shared the stage with national acts including Justin Roberts and The Verve Pipe. The Not-Its! are founding members of Kindiependent, a music collective of like-minded people who are passionate about cultivating a vibrant kids and family music scene in the Pacific Northwest. Through creative collaborations and community events, Kindiependent’s mission is to develop a network of family-friendly artists and organizations that supports cultural innovation.

About the Band Members
Now a mother of two young girls (3 and 5), Sarah Shannon has recorded two solo albums (www.sarahshannon.
com) since her tenure with Velocity Girl. A fortuitous run-in with an old friend, rhythm guitarist Danny Adamson, in 2008 unearthed the desire for the two of them to gather together their indie musician- friends-gone-parents in an effort to continue making music in a way that included their families. Adamson spent much of the 90s touring the country in Seattle-area punk bands before becoming the father of two boys (now ages 6 and 8). Bassist/backup singer Norea Hoeft is a volunteer for Rain City Rock Camp for Girls, as well as a grant writer ( for non-profit
organizations and a mother of two (8 months and 7
years). Lead guitarist Tom Baisden is an elementary school teacher for special needs children who was honored by Seattle Public Schools as the city’s 2010 “Special Education Outstanding Educator of the Year.” He is the father of two (ages 4 and 7) and a member of Seattle-based rock band, Mostly Dimes. Drummer Mike Bayer is an unsung leader in Seattle’s flourishing artistic community, devoting his time to the creation



Written By: S. Shannon


Helicopter in the sky
Please tell my why you fly so high
And sometimes you fly very low
Or side to side, I got to know, so
Do you want to take a ride with me

Helicopter feel so free
Won't you run away with me
We'll spy upon the lookers-on
We'll fly downtown where we belong, so
Do you want to take a ride with me

Helicopter, helicopter
Looking down I see this crazy town below me
Helicopter, helicopter
Buzz around just like a fuzzy bumble bee

I can see all the trees in my neighborhood
Looking down on this town never looked so good
All the houses lined in tiny perfect pattern rows
Now I see the view heaven only knows

Helicopter rescue squad
We'll be the team to save your dog
When he gets stuck up on a cliff
We'll lower down our rescue skiff
If you should need some saving count on me

Helicopter, helicopter
Looking down I see this crazy town below me
Helicopter, helicopter
Fly downtown atop the concrete jungle
Rescue hounds and yet we'll stay so humble
Buzz around just like a fuzzy bumble bee

We Are The Not-Its!

Written By: N. Hoeft

There's a bug goin' around
I think I got it!
You're gonna catch it, too
And when you got it, flaunt it!
It's only got one eye
And don't forget to dot it!

1,2,3, not it, not it, not it
1,2,3, not it, not it, not it
1,2,3, we are The Not-Its!

When you're it you're it
You gotta chase everybody down
When you're it everybody runs when you come around
When you're it you get so tired
You want to hear that sound of

1,2,3, not it, not it, not it
1,2,3, not it, not it, not it
1,2,3, not it, not it, not it, not it!

When I'm 5

Written By: D.Adamson

When I'm 5
Off to school I will go
Some say kindergarten's hard but i know I'll get it down
Once Ifigure out the flow

When You're 5
They say there's too much to know
But I'll stay sharp like a tack or a whip or whatever
Until I figure out the status quo

Backpack on, I'm walking to school
I don't need you to tell me how cool I look right now
Today I made a new friend
I don't want this day to end, it makes me say "Wow!"

Recess time and I got my mitt
We're playing tag, 1-2-3- Not It!
The sun is shining and we're climbing and jumping and running around

Because i love my school
My teachers rule
I love my school
My teachers rule

When I'm 5
Off to school I will go

Come Play at Our House

Written By: N. Hoeft

Once upon a time there was a girl Havannah was her name
She tried to bake a dozen cookies, none of them came out the same
One looked like a giant robot, two looked like your mom I swear
Three of them resembled Thomas Jefferson with purple hair
Four of them were kind of spherical the other two
Well, it’s a miracle, cuz when her mother took a bite
She said Havanna let’s invite every kid on earth to come to our house to play

Come Play at Our House

Word got out and all the kids in the world came out to represent
The line stretched out as far as you could see to every continent
Asia, Europe, Africa, both North and South America
Australia and some scientists from down at the South Pole
And though I never saw her face I heard there was a girl from outer space
Who ate the robot cookie and got a little loopy
And decided to invite the whole universe

Come Play at Our House

And it would be so nice if you’d come over, come over
And it would be so nice if you’d come over, come over
And it would be so nice so come on don’t be shy just take my advice
You won’t regret the time we spend baking cookies with our friends
When we go…


We Are The Not-Its!, released June 2009
Time Out To Rock, released July 2010
Tag, You're It!, released June 2011

KindieFest 2010
KindieFest 2011

All tracks on all albums have streaming and radio airplay.

Set List

Typical Set List:
Watch Me Share
Time Out To Rock!
Come Play at Our House
Welcome To Our School
Green Light, Go!
Cheetah the Buffalo
All of our songs are about 2-3 minutes long. Our set lasts about 45 minutes.