The No Tomorrows

The No Tomorrows


"Respect,Love and Rock and Roll"


The No Tomorrows (abbreviated by many as simply "TNT") and their canny, forward-looking (and thinking) combination of pop hooks, subtle melodies, good looks and that all important sense of individuality is already winning them a loyal and strong army of fans. Their distinctive sound - songs centered on Baz Kane's direct and high, distinctive vocals, with Starts' prominent, melodic bass work, and Peanuts intricate rhythms - is amongst the most original approaches since punk. While The No Tomorrows seem at first to have New Wave sensibilities, they incorporate ideas from Minimalism, Folk, Indie and Straight-ahead Rock.

Baz Kane had played in several groups in Nottingham, England, including Zero 2 Seven alongside Peanut, before he met Bassist Tony Start on a hunch from the fellow drummer.

From the outset, The No Tomorrows have distinguished themselves from other groups due to their distinctive sound and deliverance. Before entering into a live format, the threesome were resolute in their sense of style and musical abilities - a move that has set them apart from the status quo. But in true punk style, they have already released a 14 Track compilation album, “Hanging In Space” , which was homemade and frenzied. Released in May 2008 by Osiris Records - an independent label founded by Peanut and his fellow bandmates, their direct approach is proving to win them fervor and respect to an emphatic fan base.