The Nova Echo

The Nova Echo

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Fun, energetic, and positive, we play electronically driven pop music with an edge that has been described as "future-rustic." Our live show is polished and rockin' and will leave you stunned and inspired.


Nova Echo is an electro-pop outfit based out of Asheville, North Carolina. Their music combines pop-oriented progressions with driving rhythms, powerful guitars, layered synths, and complex vocal harmonies. The group has made numerous regional appearances, and is currently in the production stages of a full-length album to be released in July of this year.
This band was spawned from an electronic project that Caleb Hanks started in 2003, known simply as The Clerk. There were three full-length albums that were digitally released under this project, as well as numerous unreleased b-sides. After leaving his band in 2007 to pursue other musical ventures, Caleb contacted long time friend and producer Evan Bradford to assist him in forming a band based around his solo efforts. This was no simple task, as neither of the two had ever been involved in a project that utilized synths and computers in a live setting.
After a few months of hashing out technical details, they were ready to recruit the other musicians that would be needed to bring the project to fruition. The ending line-up consisted of five members: Caleb Hanks (lead vocals and guitar), Will Arledge (guitar and vocals), Evan Bradford (keyboards, laptop, and vocals), Matt Hixon (bass), and Lee Brooks (drums).


Satellite AI

Written By: Caleb Hanks

i heard a voice inside a dream
whisper from a mind other than mine
it felt warm like the morning sun
then she returned to the silence
a fading vision ending with the shadow of you
i hope this connection is ment to lead me to you

but if you call my name
you'll hear my heart through the satellite
and the stars will fall for the sky

it seems our fate is somehow intertwined
a message from your heart broadcast to mine
a perfect counterbalance in design
a love without the bounds of time
the last inscription, your hand eclipsed over mine
a constellation of true love perfectly aligned

but if you call my name
you'll hear my heart through the satellite
and the stars will fall for the sky

confirmation from a star base somewhere out past heaven
the design perfect with every angle covered
the translation viewed through sound and audio imagery
in the answer we are one


Written By: Caleb Hanks

a cell shade over thin wire frame
a looking glass view with a faint blue light dividing
the subtle tones of your delicate smile
we're only gonna have just a short while left in the sky

never enough to give in to the sun
it's lonely in a way that you cant design
lonely in a way that you can't see
you are the one like a prodigal son
it's only in a way that you feel inside
only in a way that you feel

after several hours out in space
it starts to settle in with this universal disconnection
you work for me like anti gravity
but thats one in a thousand things i will never tell you


Written By: Caleb Hanks

shake it up, burn it out, turn it up, turn it out loud
break it up, send it out, tear it down, sound it out now
free it up, singled out, washing up, burn up the clouds

and the scholars are losing sleep
over time we forget who we are
do you feel like you're out of reach
is it spring every time that you fall

dizzy yes, opened up, shattering strait through the heart
cover up meaningless simplistic pain overall
open sky, ocean view, long lasting pressure will fall