the now

the now


The Now have a unique energetic sound with a indie/rock vibe that'll hit your senses like a freight train then entice you in with silky smooth melodic brilliance!


The Now have been around for almost three years, self releasing a four track EP called Modern Day Shakespeare, which is about the time we live in and the slum's of our local area.

Highlights have included playing the Gonorth Festival in Inverness in a packed out venue which gave us the opportunity to be showcased at Go Moscow, Travelling to Brixton, for two nights to play in Hootananny both nights packed out, lots of good feedback from an electric performance with us quickly selling out of CDs!

Influenced by a wide range of artists such as Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, Pink Floyd & Gomez the line up have recently been trimmed from five to four members and we see this as fresh start and are keen to record and release a new EP and perform at venues across the UK.


on my knees

Written By: paul maciver/ chris munro

she dont ever come down
she dont ever feel no frown
logic in me waiting
just anticipating

if you wanna see the world
switch on your t.v
sitting on this armchair
motivation leaves me

all the time i've wasted
all the hours that i just gave away
saw the rabbit and i chased it
should of turned and ran the other way

if you wanna see the world
switch on your t.v
over nine hundred channels
all on h.d

i could have been a spaceman
with all the time that i have lost
all this useliss information
is it realy worth the cost

so long ye you bring me to ma knees
so long ya you no am on ma knees
so long ye you bring me to ma knees
so long ye you no am on ma knees


We self released a four track EP that was very popular in our local area and are currently in the process of recording a new EP with our revised line up.

Set List

Rushing Water
What a Night
Mary Kane
On My Knees
The Conservative Dressers Annual Ball
Johnnys off his Rocket
Wait till Morning
Biting my Tongue
The boys are all junkies
Ten pub town
living and loving
Good n evil
Eyes wide open
Modern day shakespeare
Blue flashing lights