Then Silence

Then Silence


Then Silence is a day dreamers playground spicing their sound with the darker cultures of the world, they have taken every genra and made it there own. Consisting of one man Then Silence can only be discribed as a multiple personality disorder caught in malotic disodence to it self...Then


Started in my lab as a bad experiment to please my mother into believing i had any interest in her hobbies, which consisted at this time of, home show cases of Eddie Money songs on the famlies out of tune piano and providing a constant rant as to "how the americans could favor Milli Vanilli over the - if i only had one night to show him what a real women is - George Michael", I finally made my first song, of course, lyriclly praising her ability to rear "her young man" to be anything, but a middle aged women. At the age of thirteen, (165 tupperwear parties and 1,092 wisky bar surgeons later), I finally became aware that, commonality all though unfortunate, is finitely genetic ... so if you'd like a good song , or an almost as melodicly noble tupperware supplier, you've come to right place. Salut.


Obama Song (yes we can)-folk rock
Nexus-acoustic altrock
Round and round-acoustic folkrock