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Oshawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Creepshow w/ The N.S.P in Oshawa"

On a cold and calm Monday December 9th, 2013; punk rockers from all over Durham Region and the GTA made their way to the famous Atria in Oshawa for a late night punk show with headliners The Creepshow who received support from The N.S.P, Lucy And The Chaingang & The Mustard Tigers.

The first band we managed to catch were Oshawa punk-noise locals, The N.S.P; “Just close your eyes, bite the pillow and this will all be over soon” is what vocalist Dirty D told the crowd. He sure as hell knew how to make us laugh with his drunken stage antics.

The N.S.P told the crowd that they are working on a new release and to stay tuned for what’s next.

Finally, after midnight rolled around- the time came for Toronto punk/ rockabilly band The Creepshow to take over. The band sounded awesome and told the crowd that they were happy to be back in Oshawa after about 4 years. Keyboard player The Reverend McGinty reminisced about the good old Oshawa days when the local music scene was held up by The Dungeon; asking “where the hell do you get all your drugs now?”.

Everyone skanked and sang along as The Creepshow played most of their fan favorites, including their latest track “The Devils Son” from their latest release Life After Death which you can snag on iTunes here. - Heavy Press

"The NSP"

Sunday, August 19, 2012
Straight outta Oshawa comes The N.S.P. ... a 'schizo-punk' band that makes a strange, new combination of metal and punk rock to form its own genre.... I never say that either. These guys have created something completely new, and I fucking love it! I would suggest similar bands but I don't really know any. You should just check this out.
Posted by thealleykat at 3:58 PM - Noise Terror - Our Argument

"The N.S.P @ E.P's"

The N.S.P at E.P’s
January 29th, 2012 | News | No Comments »

Story by Caley Bedore

Bodan Grodesky is not only a student in the Music Business Management program here at Durham College but he is an avid member of the local music scene and is in a band himself.

“Basically the band formed because we all broke up with our girlfriends at the same time and had nothing to do,” says Grodesky.

“Our band is The N.S.P, it is an abbreviation – but it doesn’t really stand for one specific thing. We let the fans take it for what it is,” the drummer continued. Although he did add that even though he is the drummer in The N.S.P. he does not actually consider himself a drummer.

Grodesky says that being part of the Music Business Management has taught him so much about the music industry.
“I love the program,” he says. “Well some days I don’t, but that’s like everything. If I didn’t take this program, I would be walking into the music industry blind.”

As part of the program a concert is being held at E.P. Taylor’s next Friday. (February 3rd ). The N.S.P will be performing, along with a slew of other bands.

“The band could be described as punk metal, grimecore and crust punk,” he says.

One thing that is great about The N.S.P. he said is that all the members have their own influences and that together is a great mix. And what is the moshing culture like there?

“The whole deal with moshing is just the adrenaline from the music – it just f***ks with you,” he said. “It’s a big part of the culture, ya it is obviously rough but its good, friendly, violent fun.”

The Music Business Management all-ages concert at E.P. Taylor’s is $10. - DC News

"Reel Music Festival Punk Show"

Posted by: popyoularity Posted date: April 05, 2012 In: Concert Reviews | comment : 0

Oshawa, Ontario- Diezle Room

Durham is a Punk Rocker…

Reel Music Festival Presents: Punk Show feat Kirky Nelson, Broken Pogo, N.S.P, Corporate Life and Unbelievers

Sex Pistols may of brought anarchy to the UK in the 70s… however it is time for the Canadian Punk scene to bring Anarchy to the city of Oshawa (the ‘shwa’). Durham College’s Music Business Management presents Reel Music Festival March 14-17, which resulted in multiple clinics, conferences and showcases. One showcase that really stood out was the Punk Show, which took place at the Diezle room in Oshawa on Friday March 16; the venue was packed with obvious Punk lovers to the not so obvious. With entering the venue I could feel the energy rise as the first band was setting up. The first band up was Kirky Nelson; Kirky Nelson hails from Port Perry, this punk/country/ska band opened this spectacle, and put on a really good performance. Their overall performance was really good; their set was full of energy just as much as last show I saw them perform. This band definitely has what it takes to go places, check this band out if you ever get a chance to.

Broken Pogo: Is an Aspiring punk band from the ‘Shwa’ with band members Sam Reynolds, Zach Weaver, Dylan Duntil, and Taylor Zantingh aka “Noodles”; as much as I love Punk Rock it just adds so much more when you see a female on guitar and singing/screeching her heart out. This band had such stage presence and really brought to the venue what Punk Rock is, their performance was phenomenal. The crowd loved every moment of it; I believe there was not one person who wasn’t moving in one way or the other. For a band that just started out not to long ago, they already have a big following. Broken Pogo will put Holes in Your Pockets because once you see them you will want more.

The N.S.P is a Crust/Schizo Hybrid Punk Rock Band that comes from Oshawa Ontario. The term hybrid is used due to their unique sound; you cannot put an exact genre/label to this band because of their own unique sound. When band members Shawn Bellefeuille (scream/sing), Jaymes Stephen (guitar/vocals), Bodan Grodesky (percussion) and Ryan Jessom (bass) performed the crowd went wild, there was not one person standing still, I found it very exhilarating just being at the side of the whole thing watching the band and the audience join in the passion and energy. This performance has been said to be N.S.P’s best performance, I believe they have finally heard their calling. After their set they got an encore and then with no hesitation they performed their new song Frankenstein. Keep an ear out for this bands’ name, they may be coming to a city near you!

Corporate Life: Hailing from Clarington, Ontario, this Melodic Hardcore/Punk band The Corporate Life – consists of bands members Justin Coupland, Wes ‘Cheezeburgers’ McCartney, and Chris Lunn. This unique blend of a livid mix of aggression and passion with influences of punk and metal, really added to the entire line up. This show was their reunion show, and I have to say you can tell they have the passion for what they do. Corporate Life’s lyrical subjects have a wide range of issues, political along with personal. Their lyrics once really paid attention to could bring a group together as equals as a community.

The headliner-Unbelievers NOT THE UNBELIEVERS, have a wonderful Old School sound; Formed in Toronto, Ontario Unbelievers is the innovation of singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist Jen Unbe, Cindy Caron (drums) and Sean Kiely (bass), have been creating one catchy, melodic punk song after another. No wonder why they always make a good first impression on the crowd.

Unbelievers have toured with The Queers, The Brains, Guttermouth, The Creepshow, The Misfits and many more. When I first saw Unbelievers play it was at their show in Toronto opening for The Misfits. I have to say the energy at the RMF:Punk show was more intense due to the eye-to-eye level with the band and audience. If you haven’t heard of Unbelievers you should definitely check them out, they will really make you Shimmy Shimmy.

The show overall was a great success, I enjoyed every moment of it. If you get a chance to see any of these bands live, I recommend you do so.

+ Victoria Church -

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January 2013 - Demo
December 2015 - Grotesque, Dead and Dirty (EP)
April 2017 - Go Find Your Own Friday Night (LP)



Hailing from the depths of the dirty Osha-witz (Oshawa), this obscure quartet of misfit music makers has tapped into a new sound that can only be classified as one thing: schizopunk. Mixing varieties of folk, rap, metal, country, punk, grind, rock, electronic and pop, each member comes from different influences with countless bands in their "fields of expertise".

Officially formed in June 2011, The N.S.P boys have been writing, performing and recording the Not So Polished material through various channels of emotion. The N.S.P is defined as alternative crust-punk featuring the voices of numerous split personalities releasing their destructive tendencies. The N.S.P will abduct and molest at least one emotion from every fan leaving them senseless and rotting for more.

After countless live shows and house party performances under their belts (including five summer/fall festivals), The N.S.P boys continue their journey through the Canadian music scene. These strapping young lads have grown quite tired of the mediocrity of their respected genre of choice and wanted to try something new, creating something that none of them could have possibly imagined.

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