The Nuck Fuggets
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The Nuck Fuggets

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Comedy Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Keeping It Real: Brooklyn Edition"

So far I've been talking about Brooklyn and keeping it real. Well, to combine those two topics, I would like to say that at our show we met The Realest People in Brooklyn, aka, The Nuck Fuggets. They're an electro-comedy-esque duo that put on a show with so much energy even though everyone was sitting down (but laughing, to be fair.) Mitch and I decided to tell them that we had designated them with this title, and I hope that they received it sincerely. - Sea of Trees

"what the sound guy at Trash Bar is saying"

"You guys made my night!" - Owen McCarthy

"what super hardcore music journalists are saying on Myspace"

BEST BAND EVAR. - Kristyn Pomranz

"Name too offensive for Filter Magazine"

A piece on The Nuck Fuggets was rejected by Filter Magazine because they thought the band name might "offend advertisers". - unpublishable

"Live Tonight"

I have never listened to The Nuck Fuggets, but if the music is half as good as the name, this will be an awesome show. - New York Press

"pw recommended!"

You’re in luck if you like your songs loaded with innuendo and incredibly straightforward hooks (”Everybody wants/ sex and hamburgers”). The Brooklyn–based Nuck Fuggets only occasionally have decent lyrics, but fortunately the beats are much more frequently catchy and danceable. Local comedian Danny Ozark and others will also be doing stand–up at the Philly stop on the Fother–Muckin’ Entertainment Extravaganza tour. - Philadelphia Weekly


"Bear Balls" - self-released debut single
"Penis N Balls" - international SMASH HIT single



While walking home one day through BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, Mike Fantastic! found an iPod laying in the gutter. Turns out it was owned by some lame-o named Danger Mouse and had a ton of crappy beats on it he never used. Claire Darling was like: "Why don't you sing about BALLS over it?!?!" And Mike Fantastic was like: "Fuck it!" And there you go: The Nuck Fuggets.

But seriously?! What's your deal?!?! Have you not seen The Nuck Fuggets yet? Here's an OMG detail for you: after their unannounced, MIND-BLOWING debut at R Bar, the band immediately locked up 7 more show within 24 HOURS!! including a freaking residency for August! HOLY SHIT!!! How does a band pull off some shit like that?!?! You gotta be AWESOME!!

But serious serious, no other ball-spewing, pseudo-comedic, iPod-spinning duo has ever been this accepted and praised on the rock'n'roll circuit. Especially somewhere as kickass as BROOKLYN!! We're from BROOKLYN! So they must understand how HARDCORE we are! AWESOME!!! See you soon!!!

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