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The best kept secret in music


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2002 Numbers/Emergency split 12" (Archigramaphone)
2002 Numbers Life CD/LP (Tigerbeat6)
2002 Numbers Death Remix CD/LP (Tigerbeat6)
2002 Numbers/Erase Errata split 3" CD (Tigerbeat6)
2003 Ee-uh! CD/EP (Troubleman Unlimited)
2004 In My Mind All The Time CD/LP (Tigerbeat6)
2004 Numbers/Erase Errata re-issue split 7" (Troubleman Unlimited)
2005 Mind Life Time Japanese re-issue (Wasabi Disc)
2005 (August) Solid Pleasure/No Afterlife 7" (Kill Rock Stars)
2005 (September) We're Animals CD/LP (Kill Rock Stars, Polyvinyl)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Where once, Numbers were the premier party-rock dance outfit with whom we found our salvation from the curse that was the coming of a new century, now comes Numbers of a new dawning era of self realization and societal enlightenment. Previously three individuals taking turns of yelping, buzzerk-ing, pushing and shoving coming together occasionally to make fight music for pajama parties, now has become a singular sound; an epic, mind-driving sound.

You see, to paraphrase OzzY, we've all been going through changes. Growing up a little with each band break-up, dying a little with each Tecate downed at 4:00 AM. Numbers were once the twice a week show in a living room kind of band. Songs were nuts. Short, accident prone, fall over and start again....yes, even Eric Landmark, on occasion, had a fake mustache and the word "beer" scrawled across his knuckles. Then Numbers went and toured the "f" out of the country, many, many times. And Europe and Japan too. Touring is hard work, especially when you're Numbers and you have so much responsibility towards the betterment of society.

Ahhhhh but now, now you see Numbers have come together, "matured" if you will. Now, now you will hear a huge sound; an epic, unifying sound. For highway motoring, I believe you will not find a better aural backdrop. Desert flowers bloom when Numbers' drums, guitar and moog symphonies bellow from the Blaupunkt.

Greetings NUMBERS! Constant and intense, but reassuring in the same way that record reviews which mention Chrome, Neu, Can, Kraftwerk, Eno, Devo, Cheap Trick, Die Kreuzen, Killdozer can be.

Indra Dunis plays the drums of eternal liberty and sings upon the wind, Eric Landmark plays the keyboards of undying devotion to true personal freedom and Dave Broekema plays the guitar of 1000 mighty naked rayguns. Together they will let you hear life as it would sound if the Titanic had never sank and the Hindenburg had never exploded over the skies of Lakehurst, New Jersey.

As foretold by Phengren Oswald