the numbers

the numbers


Irish rock.


The Numbers have a dreamy kind of sound that reverberates into a listening ear, wielding its moody magic as its particular mix of British and American rock influences goes to work weaving its spell. Sounding a bit like a cross between Radiohead, The Beatles, and The Strokes, The Numbers take art rock sensibilities and fuse that with a kind of temperamental pop that seems prone to wander . That nomadic quality probably comes from the fact that The Numbers are not really hometown boys. Though they met in North Carolina, each band member has done his share of wandering. Songwriter and guitarist Alan Mearns hails from Northern Ireland while bassist John Williams grew up in the backwoods of Georgia. Though The Numbers' name seems to contradict the streamlined reality of their trio, their eponymous debut album showcases a band that is much more than the sum of their separate parts. From the uber-hipness of opener, "Don't Let Me Down" to the final, quieted strains of "Lullaby", The Numbers seem to work best exponentially. In tone and timbre, Alan Mearns' voice sounds at turns like Travis' Fran Healy with touches of Thom Yorke and some vocal gymnastics reminiscent of Ours' Jimmy Gnecco. Lyrically, Mearns seems to use his words as launching pads so that he can catapult his meanings out of the lines of his songs into listening ears. As Mearns glides over and through his cadences, he pushes forward to the points when he can just sing. The result is songs that kind of bypass the head and go straight for heart. And The Numbers have plenty of heart. Even as they release their first record, they are already looking to the next one. With a bevy of songs already written, they promise more quality to match their sheer quantity. In the end, The Numbers are aiming for the masses, hoping to reach the world with their moody gospel and promising to, "speak the truth like good boys should."


Hunky Dory

Written By: The Numbers

You’re hunky dory
You’re a super extra-ordinary man
You’re lookin’ for the beautifully supersonic female woman

You’re such a joker
You’re a jackanory story in the flesh
Your magnum mustache and your loafer compliment your bulging wallet

You gotta get it while you can
You gotta get it while you can
You gotta get it while you can

You’re in the money
And your jokes are always funny – to yourself
Your laptop dances to the seven step that brokered up your payload


Written By: The Numbers

Once is enough,
But twice is nice,
Three’s a charm
And four is fab
But five is gimme, gimme, gimme
Six is the devil
And seven is God
Eight is lucky
And nine are the lives of a feline
Ten are the times I told you, Mom.
Eleven plus separates the dumb and the clever,
Twelve are the sons of Jacob
Thirteen, now you’re pushing your luck
Fourteen, who gives a

Number to a guy whose babbling on
With such a stupid song?
Baby, can I have your number?

Why be alone tonight
Let’s be alone together
We’ve both got phones back home
Why not call each other?
Baby, can I have your number?
Baby, can I have your number?


Singles-Hunky Dory "2005"
Album-The Numbers "2006"

Set List

Roman Gods
Don't let me down
Dream Girl
Hunky Dory
Don't close your eyes
Ocean song