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"CD review: The Numbskulls 'G-String'"

"... the funniest thing about this record is that a band with a batch of songs with no brainer titles like "I'm Not Special," "I Give Up," and "Live Fast," with a name that's synonymous for dumb people is full of some pretty smart ass songs. It's full on rock beginning and catchy chorus will make you want to raise a beer and sing a long. The shout along parts remind me of old Pogues or Dropkick Murphy's. "I Give Up" and "Live Fast" are both full throttle punk songs that don't offer much in degree of difficulty, but tons of fun. Alex writes songs that are so simple that they're profound. "What am I Doing Here" is the song with the most going on in it, at times skankin' like Rancid and at times sounding as anthemic and rootsy as the Replacements; but instead of being a slacker anthem it's all about getting out and doing it, real catchy too."

- Phil McNamara, Northeast Performer

"Live Show Review: The Numbskulls"

"To many, Worcester’s music scene is its only redeeming quality, and The Numbskulls are a big part of that. The Numbskulls are Kings Of The Wormtown Punk Scene - really, there was even a vote on it - and with good reason. The Numbskulls are really a very tight band with great songs and a good future ahead of them. The Numbskulls will be more than just a band; they’ll be an ideal."

"Cd review: "Manifest Destiny""

" blend of pop-punk, wiseass skater punk, and occasional skanky up-beat in an area known for incredibly shitty tough guy hardcore bands (Worcester MA). Solid, good pop-punk; impressive for such a young band. Check out "I Give Up", "I Hope She Finds It" and "Disaster."
- READ Magazine


Manifest Destiny, CD - 2003
G-String, EP - 2002
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The Numbskulls began in 2000 as a four peice band turning their shared influences of Operation Ivy and Rancid into their own northeast punk sound. The Numbskulls began playing to rooms of only twenty people and worked their way up to halls filled with over 300 people. They have toured the northeast and Canada and will hit the midwest in the summer/fall of 2004.