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we just released our first album under spat! records and The Nyte Before Called
"Dead Weight, the Sun Still Shines Tomorrow"



Myles Copeland and I “met” after he punched me in the gut at a concert, a couple months after I had moved our little town called Farmington, New Mexico. It wasn’t until the next year (Myles, Joe’s, and my sophomore year) that I actually met Myles officially, this time I had my hair back in a pony tail, and he being the little punker that he was came up to me and said, with a fierce look in his eye and teenage angst in his voice “No…Never do that again.” I wasn’t quite sure what he was pointing at but soon found out it was my hair. Later that year I was asked by a friend of mine to be in a band for his senior project, I accepted and asked who else would be joining and he said “Well, you, me, Michael Thomason (another friend of ours), and Myles Copeland.” Thus began my friendship with Myles, through a band called the Blue Plastic Army Men which failed miserably due to lack of practice and consistency by our founding member and basically everyone except Myles and I. Since the year 2001 Joe and Myles had been in a band together. They met at church and instantly became friends. Joe started playing drums at the age of six and it showed, and Myles also took to his instrument (bass) in leaps and bounds and soon they became synonymous with what they played. There is hardly ever a time when someone doesn’t say “Myles is that bass player right? Man he’s good” or “Joe? Joe who? Oh, drummer Joe, yeah he’s better than all the drummers I’ve heard.” These two have been in countless bands together but within a short time due to different reasons always seemed to end up on their own. Myles’ introduced me one day to Joe and said that we needed to “jam” together sometime. So we instantly started writing songs in the basement of their church (where we usually practiced) and decided that we needed another guitar player, so we started looking it just so turned out to be a freshman by the name of Warner. I’m sure Aaron was shocked the first time Myles came up to him and asked him to try out (Myles being so blunt and all). I’m sure it went something like this “Hey Aaron, I know you’re in a band with Scott (another one of our friends) but why don’t you come jam with us sometime?” He accepted. So we took him down to my basement and tried him out. Most of what he played was just Metallica but we soon found out after a few practices that he could grow exponentially (music-wise) within a couple of days and that is what he did. So we made him quit Plaidstrat (Scott was none to happy but he moved to Arizona anyways so he doesn’t count) and come play full time for us. We used to practice in this little cottage thing behind my house, and those were some of the greatest times I think I will ever experience, whether it be playing and writing for days on end, or throwing darts at each other, or getting in the hot tub fully clothed and waking up the next morning to find it overflowing with bubbles. That was the summer I decided I wanted to be a musician for the rest of my life. Our first concert was at our high school talent show (again for someone’s senior project). We played one song, I wrote the lyrics, we all wrote the music and Aaron sang, and for our first performance ever it turned out great, Formal Tuesday made their debut. Formal Tuesday you might ask? Well yes that was our name then but it got changed, we also went through a couple of singers, one lasting only a couple of hours. Over the years we have written and thrown away, sung, switched, sung again, switched again, rewrote and recorded numerous songs, but finally we are becoming closer together as musicians and friends, and have been creating something all our own (hooray cliché). And that is the story of The Nyte Before. Aaron has since quit the band and we have grown even more as a three-piece and moved to Nashville.The three of us went to high school together in Farmington New Mexico, we started a band our sophomore year, went through a couple singers and a lost a guitarist but feel that it has made the music better as we have had to pick up the slack that has been brought on us. Myles is native to Farmington and was influenced by old-school punk and and post-hardcore type music but has grown to love numerous types which all come through in his musicianship on the bass. Joe moved all around the western hemisphere growing up, started playing drums at 6 and plays everything from rock to jazz to Latin. Parks grew up in Shreveport Louisiana and was heavily influenced by blues music from his father and moved to Farmington where he started to develop his own musical tastes, although a founding member, he is the 4th or 5th person to sing for the band. The Nyte Before has suffered through change after change but will be long as we have eachother we can make it through anything, just the three of us, the music, and you the fans
Influences and Backgrounds

*Joe Colomb {Drums/Vocals}*- Born in Chickashay OK, the middle of three brothers, has lived in Medford OK, Enid OK,