The Objective

The Objective


Our music is earthy, acoustic rock spun from the spin out of existence and environmental ideology.


The objective for two destined Aussie travellers was always to make music.
Marnie, an aimlessly wandering, singing gypsy from the West and Adam, a string slappin' nomad from the East, met in the Far North before making a pilgrimage to the Music Capital way down South.



Written By: Marnie Cooper

When I take off
This pressure won't be upon my wing
We're gonna show you
The reason this can't be told
I see your mistakes and my own
See the reason it's being shown

It goes to show you can only know by the way it feels
It goes to show you take me higher

Solar Panels & Water Tanks

Written By: Marnie Cooper

It will happen if you're here or not
It will happen whether you're here or not
Get your cow outa my ecosystem
Which was perfectly fine before your cow-tit secretion

This land is a large expanse and we should soak up the sun and catch the wind to send us on our ways

Masticating on a species
To go with your variety of cheeses
You'd say 'think of the children, what world are we leaving them?'
Well we've grown up and this is what we've got


Catch the rain
Convert the sun
More so, already, by now, everywhere
It is clean
and so are you
but you wash it again
It's hot you want shade
but you've cleared it
and it stops the rain
and sends the wind
to take it all away
to take it all away
to take it all away

I'm Going to Die

Written By: Marnie Cooper

Yeah-eah-eah-eah, yeah I'm going to die x2

Ah take the clock off the wall
-it's now anyway!
As long as you're alive, what does it matter how long it's been for?
Just get a face-lift or detox or try to sleep a little more.

Yeah-eah-eah-eah, Yeah I'm going to die x2

Oh where to be and what to do
They're everywhere
all the time
and they waste your time when you could've been
somewhere else
doing the same
and when you're there
they've gone

Yeah-eah-eah-eah, yeah I'm going to die x2

Ah take me now
I'm ready
I've been ready for so long
In this fleeting time
that's now and never again
I may die with all this inside
I can only leave it like this
How will you remember me?

Yeah-eah-eah-eah, yeah I'm going to die x2
Yeah-eah-eah-eah, yeah I'm going to die x2

Sitting on a Mountain

Written By: Adam Smith

Sitting on a mountain
a mountain as big as I
Staring from a mountain
as time goes slipping by
but the sun he never waits for me
he just smiles when he sees me
Sitting on a mountain

Got a friend at the end of the valley
who is hoping to fly
Understand that a man needs a reason to even try
Saw him smile, yeah he smiled as he floated on up and away
He didn't care that the air was pushing him far away
and as he fell deep into the sea he said to me it was better than
Sitting on a Mountain x2

Sitting on a Mountain
the cool wind I can feel
I can feel it
Staring from a mountain at a world that is surreal
but the moon treats me so cruel
coz the only fool is
Sitting on a mountain x2

Someone said there's a man in the forest who is higher than me
Left my ground and I found him hanging from a tree
I turned around to walk away and wish him well
and he just spoke the words that
He who never climbed never fell
Although the sunset is my best friend
I've got to end this
Sitting on a Mountain x2

Sitting on a Mountain
a mountain as big as I

Time Capsule

Written By: Marnie Cooper

Been going 'round the edges of this island
See another new place a familiar face
Doors stay wide, I walk inside
I'm like almost like a 20 and 10 dollar notes worth
When I get to know this place I'm going again

I leave here when it all stays where it is
Time finishes
To a time of leaving
I dreamt about all this

You can't escape your past and you're making your past right now
Do my eyes film my life or will no-one else ever see?
It's not what you've gathered
It's what you've scattered
I left him there and met you where I left some of my hair and pieces of my car there
The time has shifted
the time I knew here
Could you rejoin me?
This will be no more never again
Only now


I've been there
I went there while this heart was beating
and these eyes were opening

Chorus x2

Used to so much change
that, that becomes the same

Set List

1. River
2. Solar Panels & Water Tanks
3. Higher
4. I'm Going to Die
5. Time Capsule
6. Sitting on a Mountain
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Cut Sick
9. Breakaway
10. Twisted & Torn