The Object-Lesson

The Object-Lesson


Summoning the power of strings, horns and skin, The Object-Lesson creates an experience and atmosphere far beyond that of your ordinary blues/rock band. This exciting new outfit delivers an energized set packed with variety and an indescribable yet undeniably Melbourne flavour.


The line-up: A flamboyant and hard pushing trio of guitar, bass and drums, fattened by heavyweight horns. The sound: A genre-spanning blend of rock'n'roll struck from Melbourne’s dance floors, with songwriting talents to match. The gigs: The Object-Lesson charge, groove, rock and skank with the best of them. This band has consistently brought feet to the floors of many of Australia's live music venues. Their debut EP is now available at gigs and through this Myspace site.


The Object-Lesson's self-titled EP is out now and receiving airplay in Melbourne. It is being launched at the Gershwin Room, The Espy on Fri 29th Aug.

Set List

The Object-Lesson's sets are normally 45mins in length. Depending on the gig, it's normally just one set but the guys have quite a large body of material and can easily push it out to two sets of entirely original material. A typical set will contain:

I Wish I was a Bird
Part Of Me
You Don't Need Me Anymore
Baby I know
Freedom (generally the only cover in the set. Normally played as an encore)