The Oblivion Project

The Oblivion Project

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Tango: the sultry, darkly beautiful dance music of Argentina is brought to life in the Northern Hemisphere by the Midwest's foremost tango band, the Oblivion Project. Comprised of some of the finest musicians in the Detroit area, the group was formed to explore the music of Astor Piazzolla.


Since 2002, The Oblivion Project has paid tribute to the Nuevo Tango music of Astor Piazzolla. Formed as an offshoot of the renowned Phoenix Ensemble, the group has thrilled audiences across the Midwest with its energetic performances of Piazzolla’s well known and lesser-known works. To the traditional tango quintet of bandoneon (Julien Labro), violin (Gabe Bolkosky), cello (Derek Snyder), piano (Tad Weed), and bass (John Holkeboer) the group adds percussionist Alex Trajano. In addition to straight tribute performances of classic concert pieces like Adios Nonino, and Concierto Para Quintetto, the group places a greater emphasis on rhythm and improvisation in more open-ended, jazzier works such as Vayamos Al Diablo, and Escualo.

The Oblivion Project has been called "a tight band of musical adventurers," and their program described as "a broad palette of moods and styles: straight-to-Hell tangos of tremendous hypnotic force, floating jazz-fusion-like space walks, and even tender major-key romance."

Internationally renowned bandoneonist and tango composer Paolo Russo says: “YES! YES! YES! Finally a project with Piazzolla's music - with a strong character, taste, power, rhythmic definition. Modern, original, very well played, with great feeling."


The Oblivion Project - Live In Traverse City, 4/05

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Set List

Our typical set list is a 90-minute concert including 11 or 12 of the following pieces.

Michelangelo '70
Tanguedia III
Romance del Diablo
Vayamos al Diablo
Bordello 1900
Nightclub 1960
Milonga del Angel
Cite Tango
Canto de Octubre
Adios Nonino
Tango Apasionado
Le Grand Tango
S.V.P. (Sils Vous Plait)
Zero Hour
Butcher's Death
Resurrection of an Angel
Concierto Para Quintetto
Chiquilin De Bachin