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"Vandalism Begins At Home"

Live review 19-01-2006...

Its my thought that tonights heavyweight line-up of bands are going to have to work pretty hard to maintain the standard set two weeks previously at this now familiar venue and The Occasion are an experienced band of natural musicians and entertainers with the right mix of talent and fire to do just that...

Andy Sizmur has easily one of the best voices around, and is ably supported by the three-piece back line.
They sound like The Who during the intro to opener Without Me. "How did you all live without me?" Belt's Andy in the chorus.

Tom-tom drums pound while guitarist Andy Paris shows off his harmonic control in the intro to New Light before bursting into a riff that makes U2's The Edge look, frankly, quite ordinary.

Im blown away by the talent this town has to offer, and were only two songs into the set! The Occasion always look like they're really enjoying themselves doing what they were clearly born to do.

During You Can Tell Me, Andy Sizmur writhes around the dance floor while the band all grin at each other and it rubs off on the crowd.

Andy Sizmur is an entertainer whom engages the crowd artfully between songs, while showing off his multi-talents with stints on the tambourine, and an excellent harmonica break during final song, Suitcase. "Let it flow" refrains Andy as the guitar ploughs through with some great suspended chords. The song ends with a big finale and an inspired bit of guitar work.

The Occasion have made their mark...TOADLICKER - Spike Publishing

"Extract from live review"

…But now its time for The Occasion, and they’re clearly the band that everyone’s been waiting for, which given the level of talent here tonight is a bloody good omen…

… The band definitely has ‘a vibe’ and there is a relaxed confident air
about the four piece which gives them a sensational edge. The music itself is very soulful rock
powered by passion, defiance and emotional lyrics. The essence of the sound is very honest and very pure…

…the fantastic Andy Paris’ crippling guitar solos pepper every songs with the kind of class that is not usually associated with a local band. It becomes evident to me that The Occasion are going somewhere…

…For me the highlight of the set was the brilliant ‘New Light’ a heartfelt antiballad which is so lyrically masterful that it could relate to almost any heart rending situation. Not a tear jerker, this song makes you want to jump up and do something about it!...

Hayley Anne OKeeffe. Live music journalist - Luton At Large


Sketches. acoustic May 2004
Floods and Tears Jan 2005
Gizzards Sessions EP October 2005
Guardian Guide Me EP June 2006




"Our sound feels original" says Singer Andy Sizmur of The Occasion. "I don't think there are any obvious inspirations, but there are! man, now I'm confused! Just great bands I guess, proper music, know what I mean?"

The Occasion. Andy Paris, Steve Mcleod, Mick Mcalpine, Andy Sizmur. Luton boys, home of the airport and er..riots? "We have a great music scene in Luton, it bugs us all that it has such a bad rep, Lutons ok"

As with most bands throughout history they have had no musical training, just a talent they were born with and the inspiration to use it. Are they working class hero's? "Well we all work mate, but we don't wear capes and fly about!" "Everyone should try and be the best they can be I guess, its a big world out there eh?"

When asked about influences names such as The Black Crowes, U2 and Neil Young float about. The Black Crowes? Are they rock n roll? "The most rock n roll rock n roll band in the world mate" says Mr Sizmur "Pure soul, we fucking love em"

Coming from the collapse of a previous band Paris/Sizmur/Mcleod wanted to keep working together so they looked about for a drummer. "I'd heard about Micky through my girlfriend at the time, he was shagging her cousin or something" Shagging her cousin or his cousin? "easy mate, we aint rednecks!"

And that was that, they had a second guitarist in for a while but when he left everything seemed to slot in place. "When the backline became a 3 piece it opened up a whole load of space for Paris to fill, he is inspired by The Edge and so it suited him greatly"

So lets get this straight. Its U2, fronted by Chris Robinson with a bit of Neil Young in there to chill things a bit when its needed? "Er, maybe" says Sizmur, looking confused again "Wow, U2 fronted by Chris Robinson and Neil Young, what a fucking great band that would be eh?"

Yes, wouldnt it just...