The Ocean Floor

The Ocean Floor


"Each song is an accumulation of arcane discoveries, trinkets hidden in seemingly arbitrary fashion throughout the overcrowded, creepy grandmother’s home the album-as-whole provides.. a jumbled bag of melodies the album is as memorable as the controlled chaos of childhood it evokes."-cokemachineglow


The Ocean Floor has been a revolving door of musicians assisting Lane Barrington (the principle songwriter) for the past seven years.
Started in Florida in 2001, The Ocean Floor began by recording its first self-released full length, "Landcars and Sandcycles" with Alan Singley at his mom's house. Since then the line-up has swelled to as
many members as eight. This was called "The Ocean Floorchestra." This group toured around the southeast before Barrington relocated to Portland, OR in 2006. At present, The Ocean Floor is a duo comprised
of Shannon Steele (ex. White Fang, The Rag and Bone Men) on violin and sharing the singing with Lane. "Tall Tales & Small Tales" - the
group's third record was released on March 27th, 2007 on The Robot Ate Me's own imprint - Swim Slowly Records. "Tall Tales and Small Tales" is a fifteen-track collection of short and long, true and false, silly and touching musical stories. These songs are fleshed out with traditional instruments such as (clarinets, trumpets, trombones, violins, banjo, stand-up bass, and jazz drum-kits) as well as
makeshift instruments such as (washing machine bass drum, "tom"pani's,
dad's soft knock at the door, finger-lip bubbles, etc.). Some of the topics explored in the songs are the differences and similarities between humans and all other members of the animal kingdom, Paul
McCartney's fall from grace as a capable decision maker, the decisions we must make between personal happiness and unselfishness, the difficulty of knowing you may survive a journey but you may also
witness the collapse and downfall of your companion, and the ability to love someone so much that you live to make them a better person and not necessarily to love you. The Ocean Floor is currently playing in and around the Pacific Northwest and the current duo is set to begin recording spring of 2008.


2007 - Tall Tales and Small Tales (Swim Slowly Records)
2004 - Pearls Are Graceful Hairdressers
2001 - Landcars & Sandcycles

Tall Tales and Small Tales received college radio airplay around North America. Chouette Promotion ( handles our radio promotion.

Set List

We typically play anywhere from 25 minutes to 1 hour. No covers except for the rare occasion that would call for an odd cover.