The Octopus

The Octopus


We are a driven rock band with tight harmonies and killer lyrics and guitar riffs.


We are all seasoned musicians from various backgrounds. Together, we create and collabrate music with a slight edge, lyrically and vocally.

Starting off as a cover band and working our way through the system to eventually write our own tunes.

Each of us are influenced by mnay genres of music, but if I had to peg just afew that we resemble, it would be Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Pat Benetar (vocally)...musically we resemble Nickleback, Breaking Benjamin etc..


We have had a few tunes played on the airwaves here in Illinois/Iowa...."Point Blank" seems to be a local favorite, as well as "Show me what you got"

Set List

When we gig out we mainly do cover tunes, because unfortunately thats what people want to hear, and that's what bar owners want t pay for, so that leaves us a bit limitless, creative wise.
When we cover we range from REO Speedwagon, Journey, Ike and Tina Turner, CCR, Fleetwood Mac, Heart.