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"Quick In Food Store" 2004
1) The Chorus
2) Concentration
3) Knock-Knock (Who's there?)
4) Summer Things
5) Capo-Rama
6) Phone Call
7) Quick In Food Store

"The Oddessy" 2005
1) A Place Like This
2) Bugs!
3) Capo-Rama
4) Summer Things
5) 12,11,10
7) Everything That Happens Here

"A Place Like This (EP)" 2005
1) A Place Like This
2) Hate Me
3) Away With Silence
4) Where'd You Get That Heart?
5) Death in a Handbasket

"Oh, Goddess of Inspiration!" August 2006
1) Wandering In
2) A Place Like This
3) Burn Off The Light
4) Fireworks For Four
5) But I Prepared A Speech
6) About You
7) Versus Me
8) Mistakes Corrected
9) Lightly Relating The Rough Shapes
10) This Is Serenity, Lesson Learned

Other Singles Released:
Fabric Freshener (2005)
12,11,10 (2005)
Faith Soon Be Acquired (2007)
Listen To The Whole Story (2007)



theOddessy is a screamo/alternative/rock band from Metuchen, NJ. Formed in the summer 2004 the band consisted of only three members, Mike Lemus, John Hensen, and Mike Tivey. Originally playing instrumental experimental kind of songs the band decided to expand their horizons by searching for a lead vocalist. After finding their new lead vocalist, Matt Donato, theOddessy thought adding a new twist to the band would create a new sound. Not long after finding Matt Donato they found Hannah Thomas, who would be playing Keys and Synth for theOddessy for the next year and a half. Once Hannah left the band it was time to, yeat again, add another member to the current lineup. They found guitarist Jesse Stier. For the next year theOddessy would change their music genre from expirmental alterantive rock to screamo. At that point the band had recorded 2 cd's. One instrumental and one with Hannah Thomas and Matt Donato. As time when on theOddessy lost their practice area to an electrical fire in late January of 2006. After finding a new practice space and after purchasing some new equipment, that was lost from the fire, the band thought it was time to pull together and write their first full length album. That summer theOddessy completed their first full length album entitled, "Oh, Goddess of Inspiration!". Right after the release of their full length, theOddessy decided to bring back the synth by adding member Alex Dionne to the band. During the spring of 2007 theOddessy decided it was time to let drummer Mike Lemus go. Many fans were angered by the decision while other fans thought it was for the best. Either way the band thought it was the right time to move on. The band then found drummer. TJ McNeill. Backup vocals and melody would now be sung by bassist, Mike Tivey. The band announced their current lineup in June 2007. theOddessy played their first show with the new lineup at Starland Ballroom. theOddessy is now currently writing new material and hopes to see everyone soon.