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We have released two singles that we've self recorded. One being Mediocrity, which is about internet fads, and how many people talk about supporting a certain cause, but never actually execute out their plan or mission, but only seek the acceptance of their fellow peers. We wrote this song shortly after the internet fad of "Kony 2012" was finished. Our other single is titled On Holiday. This song was originally titled Time to Go, and was about Bassist/Vocalist Andrew Gionfriddo's longing for his life back in London, England, where he lived the past three years. After playing it a a local high school dance, the band decided it needed a different spin, and the song's meaning was totally turned upside down. The song became an anthem for the un employed people of America,, and its meaning was about how you could still go through years of college and educational practices, and still be a failure in life because of the government today.


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The Oddities were formed in December of 2011, with their master plan, MAKE AWESOME PUNK ROCK. The band started out as Marinara, a really crappy funk band with Andrew, Jake, and another guitarist who will not be named, then we replaced him with Simian who andrew ran into in a mosh pit at a Pinhead Gunpowder concert.

Simian had started listening to rock when he was little, he couldn't stand soft music, he always thought it was so boring. He listened to only dad rock until he found punk rock. Punk had such a passion, and a reckless abandon to it that Simian couldnt stay away. The first time he heard punk rock was when green day played the entire american idiot album on fuse. The aggression of it, yet the melodic back-bone attracted within seconds of first hearing it. He then started exploring punk rock and the rest is history.

Andrew grew listening to Ozzy and Metallica records. He loved the energy put into the songs, and the lyrical meaning behind the fast thrash metal sound. Like Simian, Andrew first discovered punk rock when he listened to American Idiot by Green Day in his father's truck when he was 8 years old. However in his music taste, punk was still second to metal. After moving to London and starting a band with Joachim "THE JOACHIM" Cedergren, and Chris Saltzgaber, The metal sound became infused with a punk feel, in the group that would be called, Scapegoat. Andrew would bring that Scapegoat sound to the states and form the band you know today as The Oddities.

Jake grew up listening to old country folk and bluegrass because of his family's roots but in seventh grade he discovered rock when he heard modern rock bands like rise against, foo fighters and yellowcard, but he started drifting towards punk when he saw bad religion open for rise against at his first concert and fell in love with them and the whole punk sound and music. He loved the aggression and fast, loud feel to punk.