The Odd Primes

The Odd Primes

BandRockNew Age

Post rock. light and heavy chords. Not too much vocals. upbeat, but some mellow parts. use 7ths and 2nds a lot. jazz, rock, and post rock inspired. All songs are original; no two sound alike, all having their own style and atmosphere.


The music is inspired from many different music genres, as are the musicians. We run a studio and record our own music. A full album is on the way and should be released in march 2009.


Ghost in the attic is a single released locally in denton, and an Ep is also in circulation.

Set List

Symmetry: 5:00
in my mind: 5:00
on the sun 6:00
Tranquil mind: 6:00
Ghosts in the attics: 7:30