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"THEODOZIA - For the Love of Music"

by Aidan Castori
In a culture dominated by copy-cats, it’s
refreshing to hear a band that carries their
own unique sound. Theodozia is one of
those bands that you can’t immediately classify by naming their
influences. This alternative rock band from Philadelphia plays music
from the soul, recording piece after piece that’s moody, intense and
original. Bassist Brian Gallagher, guitarist Ian Smith, drummer Peter
Turner, and vocalist Mark James have been the only members of
Theodozia since its conception in 1994. In that time they’ve created
music that ranges in complexity from a multitude of guitar layerings
and vocal harmonies to simpler arrangements with just acoustic guitar
and vocals.
Their self-titled debut album was recorded and released in 1995.
The band then spent the next few years learning more about recording
production and writing more songs. Ultimately the band decided to
record a follow up album to unleash their boiling creativity. As a result,
Yearswas released in 2007. Songs such as “Come Home Judas” and
“Rope” exemplify the band’s slow but effective songwriting that can
stir up emotional responses in listeners without going over the top with
guitar distortion and heavy drumming. Instead, it is the band’s style to
create emotional dynamics while relying solely on songwriting ability
as opposed to an over-emphasis on the musical equipment.Theodozia
are, in a word, genuine.
- the Aquarian Arts Weekly - Arts Weekly, Inc.


Theodozia - Years: Released 2007
Singles: "Come Home, Judas", "Someone", "4:30"



Theodozia was formed by Brian Gallagher (Bass), Mark James (Vocals), Ian Smith (Guitars), and Peter Turner (Drums) in suburban Philadelphia, PA. Brought together by their shared interest in music, the band’s sound is eclectic and intense, ranging from songs thick with layers of sound to simple arrangements with acoustic guitar and vocals. This sound is evocative of a diverse range of genres and influences cited by the band including Rock, Classic Rock, Folk, Indie, Alternative, Alt-Country, Irish-Rock, and Brit-Rock.

The band produced their first, self-titled CD in 1995, and could be seen playing Philadelphia area venues. During the next several years the band’s aspirations to capture their true sound and cultivate their songwriting skills led them to begin learning everything they could about recording. These efforts paid off when Theodozia began writing and recording tracks for a new CD titled Years. This CD was recorded entirely by the band in several different locations. For Years a different approach was taken to collaborating and experimenting with tone and sounds as part of the writing process. Songs like “Come Home Judas,” “Of You,” and “Clarity” were de-constructed and then built back up with new layers of sound. In contrast, “She Lies Somewhere” and “4:30” are more straightforward recordings as the band felt that some songs called for a “less is more” arrangement. The album finishes with the unlisted track “Lily,” which documents a moment of inspiration that was written and recorded late one night.

Theodozia views the completion of Years as just another beginning. Having already started work on their next recording project, they are currently focused on both electric and acoustic live performances to promote the release of Years. They are very excited about bringing the energy, intensity, and dynamics of the band’s live sound to the new songs in addition to performing some of the crowd favorites from the band’s extensive repertoire.

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