The Odysseys

The Odysseys


Every song is an Odyssey. These songs are journeys through the mind. They are explosions of sound from a time long passed.


Ellectrifying , theatrical, evocative rock. Versatile players who have mastered multiple instruments and use the skills to produce an inspiring, imaginative and innovative album.

The name of the opening tune, “Neuronaut”, depicts the ‘headspace’ of this journey as it shifts from edgy beats to anxious refrains, distressed vocals to pleasing harmony… all within a hard rock frame, so much accomplished musically in less than five minutes.

In an about face, the mood changes as “Maybe” reflects upon a nowhere relationship, dissatisfaction with the way things are and what might have been. The band brings out three part choral singing and uses jangly guitars to embody the mood.

“A Slight Awakening of the Subconscious” flexes the musical muscle with a psychedelic blues / rock jam. The esoteric lyrics describe the power of the mind and its minimal use by humanity.

Couched in elements that reflect back to the time of Homer, “The Rendering of the Maelstrom” brings out themes of blindness to the beauty of life and the world, with lamenting minors and harmonies and a whining, echoing guitar solo. Opening with twelve-string acoustic guitars, the song moves majestically through swooping mellotron orchestration.

With engaging Latin beats, a symphonic arrangement, repeating themes and multiple parts that segue into each other, the “Myth of Elegido” transports listeners to Spain in a story about a struggle with the concept of heroism. The passage to another land is both thought provoking and edifying. Though 20 minutes long, the song leaves its audience fulfilled, often continuing to hum the chorus even after it’s over.

These songs come together with a message that each mind has the power to create its own reality.

The Odysseys stage show is a spectacle with costumes, characters and effects that depict the stories within the songs. Audiences are taken on a journey to the centre of the mind, wherein they are not only entertained, but enlightened at the same time.

Musically savvy, the range of the band indulges styles hailing from the likes of Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Genesis. The tag “Every song is an Odyssey” depicts their diverse tune structure, style and motif and the exploration of gifted songwriters singing about the planet, society, truth and love.


The Rendering of the Maelstrom

Written By: Keywan/Sciarrillo


Have you seen the man they said
Tells stories told to ward us all?
His omen warned eternal dreaming
Or face the concequence for yearning.

"But Sir, I'm so lost out here,
I need so much more than a dream."

He stared at me,
As if he understood my frame of mind
As being an entire waste of time.
He layed me down beside his Oarlap,
Opened his nepenthe jar,
His words enveloped me into his dream.

His words translated into images
Inside my eager mind.
I couldn't understand at first,
The recantation of my thoughts.

"You fool!" he swore in wreckless haste,
"You disregardful human race,
The time has come for me to justify!"
"Rip those blinds all from your eyes,
Open up and realize the dream is now,
It's here, it's all around."


Written By: Keywan/Sciarrillo


I was looking for a way to escape
The troubles and pains of my life.
I met a girl and she showed me the stuff
I'd been waiting for all of this time.
I better tell you that for better or worse
This will change your life more than you know.
Forget about your worries
For a place you can always go.

I was waiting with a look on my face
You could tell it was my first time.
"What's wrong? Are you sick? You scared
Of the things going on in your mind?"
I'm going to tell you only one more thing
That I thought you might like to know:
You'll find your mind may wander a bit,
So try and enjoy the show.

The walls began to breathe and move.
Nobody's stories told the total truth.
My head, expanding to the edge of the sky,
My feet, calmly treading on the frontiers of the mind.

I was looking for a way to escape
The troubles and pains of my life
When the walls began to move out of sight.
For a moment, I could clearly see
Every mystery revealed to me.
In a mind that pursues
Its potential to use
Reality slips away

A Slight Awakening of the Subconscious

Written By: Keywan/Sciarrillo


Have you ever been alive before?
From a distant time through the universe's door?
A billion bits by the second, it's a shame
Someone as smart as you could waste their only brain.
Along the road of life, you ignored every sign
Of a slight awakening of the subconscious mind.


Written By: Howard Lopez

No Lyrics

Afternoon Repose

Written By: Howard Lopez

No Lyrics - Instrymental


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