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Hailed the "Lion Amongst Men," T-Baby is an electric Hip Hop artist from South Florida quickly catching the attention of fans everywhere. His innovative lyrics mixed with high energy beats and pop friendly choruses make him a musical force to be reckoned with and a talent to watch.


Birthed in July of 1986, his mothers second child and his Fathers first boy. T- Baby grew up in a small hood called Fairway in the city of Miramar just between Miami-Dade and the rest of Broward County. As a child he recalls thinking everything in the world worth seeing could be found right there on his block.It seemed like anybody who was anybody knew about Fairway.

As T grew older though he watched his neighborhood grow with him. He saw what was once considered school boy fights go from fists to fire, and he witnessed at a young age close friends either die, get shot up, or locked up in prison, and has been quoted saying.....

" I thank God for the foresight of my Mother and Father because if they hadn't sent me to a better school away from everything, I know I would have probably ended up in the same category."

Since those times much has changed, but two things through out the years remained constant, his passion for music and the need to be heard. Having traveled throughout the U.S. in the hip hop group known as" The Last," T Baby honed his skills and now as the only remaining member of the defunct group he is just that, The Last. So teamed with a fresh arsenal of ideas and a talent to be reckoned with. T Baby is set to take his place amongst the greats in this industry on a scale that the South has never known.

In the midst of a region saturated with gangster rap, fad dance crazes, and rappers making it rain, he has Dared To Be Different. Fusing together Rock, Roots Reggae, Pop, and Hip Hop, he works tirelessly in an effort to create and define a sound yet to be heard from other Southern MC’s.


The Last Promotional EP- 2008

The Never Ending Story-
TBA 2010

Set List

Typical set may include: Vibing, Video Girl, The Movement,and Never Going Back. Songs are subject to change and running time varies from 15 to 20 mins.