The Offnotes

The Offnotes


Damian Dempsey Meets The Doors Meets Glen Hansard Meets Wilson Pickett Meets Dylan coupled with the family tie nature of the Kings Of Leon With vocal Stylings Of Seán ós and Hendrix! Sounds A bit Much To describe. Listen. Love and spread the word.


"If Jim Morrison had lived on and met Damien Dempsey in around 2004 and they fell madly in love, their lovechild (disturbing as that is) would be called "THE OFFNOTES", such is the marriage of sounds on show with this promising Irish outfit. Still in their infancy The Offnotes offer up an alternative folk rock sound that brings you from underground anthemic rock to heartfelt acoustic ballads. John, Dan, Tom and Kraig are fast becoming one of Dublin's 'ones to watch' with gigs every other day lately! As their fanbase grows, Summer 2009 see's them taking on some of the bigger established venues around. For me the masterstroke is the mixed vocals. From John's powerhouse vocal delivery you feel a natural balance with such warmth in tone there seems no boundaries that can hold it to Dan's mesmerizing vocal where you really believe the end of the world could be tomorrow with every syllable. ¤And thus a classic songwriting partnership is born.¤ This to me, sets them apart from the average band doing the rounds. This coupled with John's ability to tear the fretboard to pieces without warning and the almost progressive rock rythm section just begs the question....How can they fail? Answer: Yoko."

- Simon Murphy


Silent Whispers-Radio airplay.
Silent Whispers-single
Taste Of Your Medicine-Bside

Taste Of Your Medicine-E.p

Set List

Silent Whispers-3:50
Mice Behind The Walls-4:30
Saidhbh's Bracelet-4:50
Taste Of Your Medicine-4:56
Ballad Of Brew's Hill-4:30
Dancin' In The Moonlight- 3:30
Mustang Sally- 4:11
Johnny B. Goode-3:13