The Off Ramps

The Off Ramps


High energy. hook-laden power-pop-punk with just a dash of twang.


The OffRamps have been together for over 6 years. Raised on a steady diet of power-pop, punk, classic rock and Americana, the 3 members met after sharing stages as members of such established Detroit/Ann Arbor bands as The Holy Cows, SlugBug, Culture Bandits, Clashback, 3 Speed and The Hoolapoppers, to name a few.

Since then, they’ve released a well-received CD - Hate It When You’re Right (Deluxe - 2006) and played 100 shows across the Upper-Midwest. They’ve appeared on major festival stages, at local corner bars and in most of the premiere venues in Michigan and Ohio. They’ve performed on nationally syndicated radio shows and university stations across the region.

The OffRamps bring a blue collar work ethic to the stage, consistently delivering high-energy sets of well crafted original songs steeped in the tradition of the great power-pop, rock and punk bands of the last 3 decades, with a refreshing modern twist that is distinctly original. With an emphasis on hooks, energy and creative arrangements, audiences can’t help but pay attention. They’re well rehearsed and professional, but loose, fun and engaging at the same time.

In June of 2008 The OffRamps will release their second record, SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE (Deluxe) - 12 more tracks showcasing their unique sound. Following the release, they’ll be supporting the record on stages everywhere.


Short Of Suicide

Written By: Jeremy Porter

Short of Suicide

She's the kind of girl who likes bridges
And drawing pictures of the moon
She's got more problems than fixes
And she's hiding in her room
She keeps a stack of books beneath her bed
And a spare key in the drawer
Not one of them she's ever read
She tiptoes 'cross the floor

They call up the stairs to wake her up
And I whisper in her ear good luck

And I stopped short of suicide
After the lukewarm reception in your eyes
Dig to the bottom just to get the prize

I swore on a stack of pancakes
That last night would be the last
I got the integrity of a lampshade
If any indication is the past

From the booth I was eyeing up the parking lot
But I never made it that far

And I stopped short of suicide
The quarter landed on its side
You were out there waiting for a ride

I swore on a stack of bibles
I'd be gone by the first of June
And if May fell into the ocean
It wouldn't happen a day too soon

I never been to church a day in my life
And I never met a liar I didn't like

And I stopped short of suicide
When events like these coincide
Shrug your shoulders and say you tried

The OffRamp

Written By: Jeremy Porter

This song is an instrumental, but the other songs in our EPK aren't.

Actual Events (Based On)

Written By: Jeremy Porter

I've been walking around in circles baby
Wearing a hole in the ground
I've been laying back for a year or 2 maybe
More or less hanging around

I've been turning up rocks and Turning down roles
tryin' to get a look at you
But if you're based on actual events
Driven but just like new

I've been looking for answers in all the wrong places
Hiding behind the truth
I've been shaken since you removed all traces
Dying, but just like new

I hear your footsteps in the darkest night
I see your shadow in the subway light

I've been waiting for a while
In search of that elusive smile
It's got a place in my permanent file

I Shook off my last beating and skipped my last feeding
And acted like I had no clue
I stayed true to a word that nobody heard
Reconditioned but just like new

I hear your footsteps in the darkest night
I see your shadow in the subway light

I've been waiting for a while


"Split The Difference" - Full length CD - June 2008

"Hate it when You're Right" - Full length CD - Spetember 2006

Sinkhole - From "Hell No I Ain't DBT - A Tribute to the Drive-By Truckers"

Born To Raise Hell - From "AMCT4: A Tribute to Cheap Trick"

2006 Demos - Recorded in the basement for promotional use only.

Set List

We usually play shorter sets, 40-45 minutes or so, but occasionally the need arises to play longer and we have done multiple sets spanning over 3 hours.

Our original song titles include Chapter 8, twenty3, Nothing to get Dressed For, Abrasive Personality, Impulse Buy, Skoal Motel, Actual Events (Based On) and Hallmark Holiday (among many others).

We will often play 1 cover in our set and it could be anything from Devo's Girl U Want to Hank William's Jr.'s O.D.d in Denver to Steve Earle to the Knack to Joan Jett. We look for things you wouldn't expect.