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The OGeeZ

San Jose, California, United States | SELF

San Jose, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Classic Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"About The OGeeZ and their new album All Over The Map"

The OGeeZ are a talented twosome from California consisting of guitarist-composer Steve Gerick and lead singer and lyricist Lew Witter.

- William Phoenix - LA Examiner

"The Seven Deadly Sins Album Review"

THE OGeeZ informed me that although their full release is The Seven Deadly Sins (, “we have no religious agenda with our message. our message is meant to be thought-provoking, but whimsical.” The OGeeZ, at their best, are a funk outfit (founded on the classic rock duo of Lew Witter/vox and Steve Gerick/music) based in SF. Except for the two or three verses here and there where they break into rap for a couple of stanzas, they’re a good listen. Obviously, there is a theme here, the better ones being lust (“Is this Lust or Is this Love?”) and the relationship discord of pride (“Pride Gets in My Way). Most of the other cuts range from R&B to further funk, and then there is the Latino-beat themed sloth (“There’s always Manana”). As they say, “we have chosen a more contemporary approach to our music poetry in which we want our music to complement and enhance our storytelling.” I don’t know how well this will go over with the under-30 crowd, but I found it effective. - FFanzeen


The Seven Deadly Sins self-released in 2009
I'm Green With Envy (Envy)
You're So Greedy (Greed)
Is This Lust or is this Love? (Lust)
There's Always Mañana (Sloth)
Last Angry Man (Anger)
Mo' is Betta (Gluttony)
Pride Gets in my Way (Pride)

All Over The Map
Be With Me
El Inmigrante
Walking Dead
Cross Currents(instrumental)
Bailout Blues
Sueños Perdidos
Ode Billy Ray
War Machine



The OGeeZ are the creation of long-time friends Lew Witter and Steve Gerick.

Steve and Lew are the creative force behind a studio band that wants to connect with their audience through a variety of musical styles and stories about their life experiences.

Lew and Steve have performed in a variety of cover bands through the years - Steve in the Midwest around St. Louis, and Lew on the West Coast in the San Francisco area.

They were friends for years before they learned of each other’s past musical experience and passion for musical creativity. The OGeeZ started as a hobby for the two aging rockers, but with the help of some fellow musicians and a renewed passion for musical storytelling the two have launched a series of self-released compilations starting with The Seven Deadly Sins in 2009.

Their upcoming compilation All Over The Map is comprised of a numbers of tunes with completely different genres. As the stated “We're not really interested in trying to define a particular sound.” However, thanks to Lew’s vocal style they are sometimes referred to as being Zappaesque.

[About Lew]
Lew “Kanaka” Witter is the band’s lead singer. Lew writes most the lyrics for the band’s music and his vocal style has reminded some of the late Frank Zappa. Lew brings an energy and wit to the band not characteristic of a man in his 70s - but hey you’re only as old as you feel inside and that’s a good thing for this musical trio. Lew has a multi-cultural background growing up in his native Hawaii and his musical influences reflect that. Lew’s mother was – in Lew’s words “an amazing singer and a dynamite hula dancer. Lew’s father was also a lover of music and although he did not sing or play an instrument he did appreciate all types of music, particularly jazz, boogie-woogie and the standards.

This background had a significant influence on Lew’s varied musical tastes and is reflected in his work over the years. Lew sand lead, baritone and second tenor in ‘Doo Wop’ groups in his teens and early twenties. He was part of the duo ‘Denny and Lenny’ and cut his first record “Ghoul Love” in the sixties

[About Steve]
Steve Gerick is the musical composer for the group. Steve’s primary instrument is guitar, but he also plays bass, keyboards, percussion and USB wind instrument. Steve’s a little conflicted musically and can’t decide what kind of music he likes best so he’s decided to try a little of everything. Growing up in the Midwest, Steve was heavily influenced by classic rock guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons and Ted Nugent, but his heart is in the blues and Jimmy Reed, Albert and B.B. King and Taj Mahal were his favorite blues men.

Steve played in garage bands as a teenager growing up in Missouri, but gave up music when he moved to California in the late 70s. After his career as a computer engineer is Silicon Valley in the 80s and 90s Steve returned to passion for music. Steve attended the Berklee School of Music online program and learned desktop music production - which was a natural extension of his background working with computers.

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