The Oh!

The Oh!

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

"east coast jazzy shit wrapped in a warm jangle-blanket of indie synth-rock."


Peace, love, death and destruction. Such ideas and contradictions serve as a window into the soul of . . . The Oh!

Nova Scotia-transplant, Elizabeth Leslie (vocals, guitar), left the rains of Vancouver and made Montreal home, meeting Montrealer-for-life, Esther Spiegelman (drums). After a psychedelic trip to the Laurentian mountains with a leaky gas tank, music they worked on planted seeds that would later become The Oh!

Elizabeth knew fellow Nova Scotian, Neil Gillis (bass), would make the perfect bandmate when he made an inappropriate joke at a swanky hotel and she was the only one who laughed. Across the world in France, Frédéric Ronze (synth, guitar), was packing his bags and leaving band, The Russian Sextoys, to “pass a few years” in la belle province. With an ear on influences like PJ Harvey and Air, he was the missing link the band had been searching for and together they form an unstoppable quartet of melodic euro-pop marvelousness!

- Kate Lerman, CJSF Radio Vancouver


1. words
2. silhouette
3. another moment
4. you like it

Set List

45 mins.

1. words
2. silhouette
3. cruel nature
4. w. 4th ave.
5. another moment
6. dismember
7. single sigh
8. you like it
9. i wanna be your dog (iggy & the stooges cover)
10. epic journey