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"Review Of "THE OHMS" self titled"

We straight love em! The OHMS are like a breath of fresh air shoved into you like CPR. This hard hitting CD(self-titled)is a collage of music incorporating smooth jazz and rowdy rock enriched with reggae. It shines with soul and emotion. It screams with originality and it's perfectly produced and recorded. What's left to say? How about " where can i get one?" - Rod( Cincy Vibe Magazine)

"Love You Live"

Most original bands will play a cover or two in a set, whether to build audience interest or just fill time. How many bands, though, would play the theme song to peanuts or sesame street? Well we know of @ least one. A band from Cincinnati, The Four OHMS, keeps the audience interacting during their shows by playing silly covers, throwing out free stuff and starting up dance contests.
" we try to be quirky on stage so that the crowd will not only like our music, but they will like our personalities." Said Alex Hall,guitarist and vocalist. " "They want to come out and see us because it's different every time." According to Dave Danforth, the bands other guitar/vocalist, "we are a live-oriented band." They all agree and say the crowds reaction shapes the success of their performance. - City Beat

"Big White Truck Review"

While Jam/ Rock bands thrive in a live setting, their recording output can be spotty @ best. Locals Four Ohms have already built its reputation in concert, steadily touring the region and becoming a favorite on the local club/festival front as well. With the freshly released new CD, Big White Truck, Four Ohms successfully brings it's vibe-y, fluid sound to the recorded medium, thanks largely to capturing a live feel while making some of the bands strongest characteristics ( like the harmonies, most expressively) stand out thanks to the crisp yet vintage production. But the band's greatest strength-- besides their wandering improvisational jaunts-- is their ability to mesh unexpected styles together rather seamlessly. That trait is best exhibited on "MILKMAN," which blend ska base with sizzling guitar solos and out-of-the-blue harmonica riffs. Jazz chords, Latin beats, bluesy riffage and funk shuffles peaceful coexist in Four OHMS colorful, open-ended universe. - City Beat

"The Ohms Ohmstead"

Nowadays its hard not to find a festival flyer on every corner with an array of distasteful bands and camping taboot. Local Cincinnati band "The Ohms" realize this as well and are doing something about it. The Ohms have been organizing and putting on their festival "Ohmstead" for seven years now and are continuing the tradition this year again with Ohmstead 2008. If your not familiar with The Ohms you can catch them all around Cincinnati at spots like Bogarts, The Mad Frog, Madison Theatre, Southgate House and others. Their jam/reggae sound is original and ear-catching, setting them apart from most jambands in Cincinnati and all across Ohio. The Ohms festival "Ohmstead" usually draws anywhere from 300-600 people and is home to Camp America in Hueston Woods, Oxford Ohio. The Ohms set themselves apart from other festivals because they offer an eclectic line-up of bands, amusements such as waterslides, drum workshops, open jams, and more.
"The atmosphere of Ohmstead is one of community and local feel" says lead singer David Danforth. "People come to Ohmstead because they love The Ohms but they also come for the community and to meet fellow Ohioans with their same interests. Not only that but they get to have fun doing it and they dont have to sweat out in the hot sun all day!"
Danforth mentions how the plot of land for Ohmstead "Camp America" is fully wooded and provides limitless amounts of shade and shelter. This is a strong contrast to most big festivals where giant plots of land have no trees and tend to flood easily.
So if your in need of a vacation or you want to see local history in the making and one of Cincinnati's favorite bands, come to Ohmstead Festival this year. The dates are Aug. 21-23 2008. The line-up is currently to be announced but will contain some of Cincinnati's hottest bands like Noctaluca, Chick Pimp, Rusty Van Band and more.. The Ohms website has more information at and - City Beat


Brand new album "THE OHMS, Produced by Dito Godwin, Best known for his work with NO DOUBT.
+Big White Truck/ Debut album
+Long anticipated new EP " Resistance dropping July 2009! -Features new hits "What I'm Thinkin'" and "Pipe Down"
+Check us out soon on 97.3 the Cincinnati's own local supportive radio station!
+Check us out on WAIF Cincinnati: Ohms radio performance and interview!! -
+Check us out on Mojo 94.9 one of Cincinnati's biggest radio stations!! -



The Ohms are a mix of reggae, rock, and many other styles combined in a tasteful mix of quality frequencies for the masses to enjoy. Their vocals bring a strong sense of awareness and consciousness and their music brings fans of all genres together. All around the world reggae music is growing in popularity. The Ohms provide a passionate and authentic way of bringing elements of popular reggae and world music from around the globe and integrating them into American popular music styles. The Ohms not only allow you to listen to great music, but to feel great music and to inspire consciousness.