The Olde Souls

The Olde Souls


Somewhat traditionally inspired Folk Music with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for the pretentious.


Tired of playing boring gigs to bored audiences, a pair of singer-songwrites/lifelong friends/roommates decided they should join forces and start a band. Assembling a cast of friends around them they formed the Epic (read: Pretentious) Folk group "The Olde Souls". They may never be famous, they may never find their music in regular rotation on radio, but they'll be sure to entertain, and have a damn good time doing it.

Set List

New Orleans
Song About a Man
Winds of Change
Welcome Home
Worldwide Suicide
Sing to the Wind
Three Ropes
We'll be Alright
That Old Song
Anything But Me
The Bells

We also have a fairly large collection of covers we can use from "Rocking in the Free World" to "Crazy" to fill out a set.

Our set can last anywhere from 20 minutes to around 2 hours as needed.