The Oldest Child

The Oldest Child


All original music created with emotionally driven songwriting with deep acoustic reverberations and catchy melodies; coupled with lyrics that tell a true story.


Bio: Since 2009 this symbolic story through music has been known as The Oldest Child. Evolving in the talent rich Peterborough and the Kawarthas, solo musician and self-proclaimed lumberjack, Lee Appleby, writes and composes all original guitar based folk music. The music is sourced from everyday life, inexpiable phenomenon, constant self discovery and of all things; emotion. Appleby's emotionally driven songwriting; with its deep acoustic melodies and lyrics, tell a story about growth, failure, turmoil, persistence, success and the forest; to which he calls his home.

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- The Oldest Child


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Set List

Typical Set List:
- Forever Last Kiss
- Sweet Johnny B
- Singles Bar
- Your Ears
- Girl from the Coast
- Old Sailors' Mother's
- Can't Take me Out
- The Trees
- The City, Where I was Born
- Weakerthan/ Weaker Now
- Built for Speed

**Covers as well get thrown in to the mix, to extend set times**

Set list can occupy anywhere from 30minutes to one hour.