The Old Main

The Old Main


The Old Main is a D.I.Y. band swaggerin' the tracks dividing your dad's rock & roll and your granddaddy's country & western. The Old Main represents independence,creativity,passion,insight,sonic intuition,innovation and a real dose of imperfection.


"Two Hungarians and a Navajo walk into a bar..." (Yep, The Old Main's lineup sounds like the beginning of a bad joke...)
It continues:
"...with some guitars, a drum kit, and a banjo..."

The Old Main is made up of veterans of the ever-changing Albuquerque music scene and can lay down some serious home grown honkey tonk,blues,rock and something yet-to-be-categorized. Two-thirds of The Old Main are from rural New Mexico:Rod Lacy is from Gamerco,NM and Mojo is from Taos,NM; while Zoltan Szekely emigrated to the US
from Hungary in his late teens. (The Old Main regularly includes hopped-up versions of traditional Hungarian folk songs during their set with Zoltan on guitar and vocals). Although on-stage The Old Main is always well prepared and well rehearsed, the trio finds a certain strength in the excitement of occasionally letting a song "fall apart", crossing bridges of feedback and noise only to emerge into an emotionally fueled, explosive finish. Lyrically The Old Main songs are more poetic than narrative, ranging from odes to dive bars to the loss of "safe and simple" small town life, and from the endearing quality of drunks (and being a drunk) to the inevitablility of death and what we all do in the mean time.
The Old Main reaches out to the losers, raconteurs, lap dancers, heart breakers, nonconformists, barmaids, master criminals, drinkers, potheads, smugglers, refuseniks, barflies, dropouts, freaks, losers, blockheads, rebels, 12 step failures, basketcases, and bottom feeders with our music...These are the forgotten among us. Totally ignored by the media at large....This is us...These are our friends...These are our fans.

Oh, So the punchline is:
"...they order three beers, and three shots of Jim Beam. The drummer and the singer light up cigarettes and wonder if the foreign guy is the only person from Europe that doesn't smoke."


Blacklung-The Old Main

Set List

It's too OK
Know your Enemy
Dimly Litted Train
Truck & Shovel
The Remnants of Gibson
Understand what's understood
Heartache on Vinyl
Not Here to Stay
Young Faith Healer
Image Adjust
Notes Scribbled in the Dirt
My Name is...
Murderers, Thieves and Misfits
I'm Feeling Fine