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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"OSMU CD Review October 2008"

I like nothing more than a band who manage to find a whole new sound and style, like no-one else, individual, memorable, recognisable and entertaining. Old Street Musical Union are just such a band; these guys have managed to create a whole new musical monster!
Old Street Musical Union don't just cross musical genres they smash down the boundaries and positively redefine anything that's even remotely 'popular'. Alt-rock-pop perhaps but actually much, much more! Reminiscent of a kaleidoscopic mix of The Kinks, Madness, Blur and quite a few others, Old Street Musical Union are breathtakingly original and massively entertaining. With story-telling lyrics that cover a multitude of topics, an appealingly comedic bent and a slightly self-deprecating demeanour, Old Street Musical Union refuse to be pigeonholed or labelled. Theirs is a music of the people, for the people! Theirs is musical entertainment that doesn't always take itself too seriously, knows when to give it large and knows when to 'camp' it up. Theirs is universal music rather than world music, the term universal describing Old Street Musical Union's penchant for visionary, all-encompassing, musical modernity that knows no bounds and takes no prisoners.
This eponymously titled album by Old Street Musical Union is an absolute joy to behold; as I listen I'm not feeling any pressure to conform, I don't feel the need to actually understand what I'm hearing, I feel that I can just let myself ride the waves created by this fantastic outfit and not worry about anything else around me. Old Street Musical Union make music that you don't have to think about, it doesn't actually matter what they're singing about coz they're not trying to preach or convert, they're just being absolutely open, friendly and accessible. Old Street Musical Union have a weird element that puts me in mind of the old jug bands that were quirky and entertaining without really trying to make statements or trying to convert the listener. The buzz here is the same sort of buzz - good fun, good music, good health mine's a pint of bitter!!
Old Street Musical Union are a five-piece but sound bigger, they comprise Mike Hibberd (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Matt Hibberd (guitar), Jim Chamberlain (bass, vocals), Andy Burt (drums, percussion) and Nick Kenwright (vocals, keyboards, harmonica and ukulele (ukelele?)) - such talent!! (is that Andy Burt ex of RedEye Band?). These guys demonstrate superb all-round musicianship, excellent multi-part harmonies, fantastic songwriting and superb vision to have created this extremely original and motivational sound and style - I love it!!
Old Street Musical Union make compelling music, generate an exciting ambience and give the listener something worthwhile and valuable to listen to and lose themselves in. 'Kin' brilliant!!
- ToxicPete.co.uk


OSMU 11-track 4 track available now.
Featuring tracks Fat Alan, Behind the Yellow Lines and Cast Adrift.
Promotional 4 track also available.



The Old Street Musical Union (OSMU) arrive in 2009 as a fresh band on the scene, based in London they have got familiar with the urban circuit in several years but now enter 09 with the complete, pure, and now established 4 part line up.

Mixed influences have created a sound that is unarguably their own. Sometimes you'll get sweet vocal and guitar melodies and at others they'll let fly with a raw punch when you least expect it.

Driven by a tight, unforgiving backline the OSMU deliver a set broad with versatility and depth.

The OSMU are a self managed/promoted band and in 2008 built bridges within the music scene establishing a thriving night in London's Kentish Town inviting bands to join them monthly to expose their sound to a consistently packed audience.

April 2009 will see the 12th instalment and one year anniversary of the self named Club OSMU.

With everything in place and a killer sound OSMU now look to the future confident of reaching out further and flexing their original sound to the masses.