Old Street Musical Union

Old Street Musical Union


FRESH, ORIGINAL! A musical fix your faith in good music deserves. Like a dose of life sung in melodies that grab you, shake you and don't let go! Musically dynamic and versatile. Tight, sharp, loose and blunt. Tom Waites runs into Jonny Cash in a 21st Century urban fairytale.


The Old Street Musical Union (OSMU) arrive in 2009 as a fresh band on the scene, based in London they have got familiar with the urban circuit in several years but now enter 09 with the complete, pure, and now established 4 part line up.

Mixed influences have created a sound that is unarguably their own. Sometimes you'll get sweet vocal and guitar melodies and at others they'll let fly with a raw punch when you least expect it.

Driven by a tight, unforgiving backline the OSMU deliver a set broad with versatility and depth.

The OSMU are a self managed/promoted band and in 2008 built bridges within the music scene establishing a thriving night in London's Kentish Town inviting bands to join them monthly to expose their sound to a consistently packed audience.

April 2009 will see the 12th instalment and one year anniversary of the self named Club OSMU.

With everything in place and a killer sound OSMU now look to the future confident of reaching out further and flexing their original sound to the masses.


OSMU 11-track 4 track available now.
Featuring tracks Fat Alan, Behind the Yellow Lines and Cast Adrift.
Promotional 4 track also available.

Set List

OSMU typically play a 45 minute to 1 hour set comprising of completely original material.