The Old Town Hustlers

The Old Town Hustlers


An "agressive, soulful" mix of Garage /punk /blues/cow punk/british invasion - Think of a party where Iggy Pop meets the Cramps with Sonic Youth and 30's blues on the stereo.


The Old Town Hustlers are a Portland band made up of some killer punk/alternative veterans from Portland (Wade, who's played with just about everybody in Portland in the last 10 years) , the greater northwest (John, from Tacoma and later Eugene) and a transplant from the rust belt of Ohio (Dan, whose previous band toured regionally in the midwest with many other indie label bands).

Although the Hustlers are tough to categorize, they fall somewhere in the Blues / Punk / Rockabilly world, mixed with the improvisation of free jazz....all the music where feeling counts over haircuts and tight trousers.

In the 1-1/2 years they have been playing together The Old Town Hustlers have been hitting different venues in the Portland area including Berbati’s, The Fez, Ash Street Saloon, The 15th Street Pub, The Twilight, Porky’s, 9th Street Pub, the Eagle's Lodge and others. They have a true live sound, where anything can happen and usually does. The Hustlers are definitely at their best in front of living breathing butt shaking humans. Be sure to go out of your way to catch the next Old Town Hustlers throw down.

Discography for tunes Warning: one take, live, demo quality rough mix of our EP

Set List

We have about 3 hours of material: half original and half lesser known covers so people don't know it's not us. We are also writing new songs at the rate of about two per month. And Dan has about 20 songs in the can from other projects.

Because or the amount of songs we have we can fit in on anything from a Rockabilly/ Roots Rock night to a Indie/Punk/Garage night. We prefer to play our own songs which range from true-crime spoken-word over improv funk to 3 min 30 seconds garage gems to quirky indie to rocked out Sun Records singles that where written this century.