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Santa Barbara, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Santa Barbara, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative




"Rebelution’s Wes Finley Producing New Album by The Olés"

When he’s not recording new music or touring with Rebelution, drummer Wesley Finley keeps quite the busy schedule as we caught up with him to discuss his production of The Olés sophomore record, Rise.

Like Rebelution, The Olés also hail from Isla Vista, CA, and have been playing their own brand of reggae-rock since 2013. Wes Finley has been drumming with Rebelution for more than 12 years with six full-length albums to his name, including the most recent, Free Rein, that dropped in June.

Wes told The Pier that he became friends with The Olés through a mutual friend while living in Santa Barbara,: “It was charming to see a new generation of bands still doing the Isla Vista thing and carrying the torch so to speak.” He goes on to describe the band as ambitious and professional with a different sound.

As for the musical journey of The Olés, they’ve gained quite the grassroots following from playing locally over the years near Santa Barbara, CA. The band includes Matt Tweed (vocals, guitar, bass), Cole Leksan (vocals, guitar, bass, keys), Daniel Kearney (bass, vocals, keys), and Westin Byerly (drums). They’ve self-branded their music as “Reggae Rock Dub Hop” and their debut album, Strictly Speaking, hit the shelves in 2016 featuring 14 tracks.

The band shared with The Pier that their new album, Rise, should drop sometime in late September. It was recorded and produced at Playback Recording Studio in Santa Barbara, and fellow Rebelution bandmate Zach Meyerowitz is featured as the trumpet player on a few tracks as well.

Songs Wes was raving about from The Olés new album include “Angel,” “Burn Glow” and “Run to the Moon,” which features a great intro/outro: “the song is spacey, has a deep and dark tone that resolves nicely, and is even Floydian at times.”

Wes informed The Pier that this was his first production experience outside of his work with Rebelution, but would certainly welcome the experience of producing another record, and hinted that it was challenging yet rewarding:

“From my own experience, being on the other side of the glass and working with other producers, I was sensitive to the anxiety that can come from studio pressures of forcing musical ideas, or art in general. It doesn’t usually work out from my experience and the performance can come off as awkward and stiff. I’m a drummer, but I have to let Westin be himself and have his own sound, which for him is rooted in jazz. It’s really important as a producer to understand the musician’s perspective and abilities and to give them confidence so they can execute their best ideas.

Wes also mentioned to keep an eye out for new music coming from David Grijalva of the Hallway Ballers in addition to possibly revisiting ToneDown; Eric Rachmany and Wes’ old acoustic rock group. Looks like Wes will revisit that to lay down some heavier instrumentals! Check back at The Pier for more details. - The Pier

"First Listen: The Olés – Rise"

Hailing from sunny Santa Barbara, California, The Olés are back with their latest single, the title track off their upcoming album Rise. Conquering the challenges and hardships of life lies at the heart of this most recent release, accentuated by a driving arrangement that leads the listener over the mountain and into the valley below.

Working with Rebelution’s Wesley Finley as producer, “Rise” serves as a prime example of the SoCal rock-forward reggae that Rebelution has championed for well over a decade. Pop accessibility meets conscious, relatable lyrics, showing us a version of The Olés that is stronger than ever.

From The Olés bassist Daniel Kearney:

“‘Rise’ explores the ongoing struggle with addiction/alcoholism in what feels like a war waged against yourself. There are good days and bad days, and the battle often feels like you’re fighting it alone. The song can also be applied in a broader sense, dealing with hardship while continuing to push forward.
I’d also like to add that working with Wesley Finley from Rebelution plays a role in the theme of the title “Rise” as well. He helped us craft a sound that is our beefiest sound to date. We hope that fans of Rebelution hear some sonic elements in our new music that they know and love. Reb is known for a thumping huge reggae sound that was very inspiring for this record.”
Life is always full of challenges, and as we all know, it can often be the right song that gives us the perspective to keep our minds centered as we overcome that which holds us down. In “Rise,” The Olés deliver an anthem to march forward in the face of struggle to, reminding us that in the end We Will Rise. - Rootfire

"The Olés release new record"

The Olés have officially stamped their music on Santa Barbara. Their just-released hip-hop-infused reggae album, Strictly Speaking, represents the vibes of our city and, more importantly, of Isla Vista, the home of The Olés. From incorporating strains of mariachi in “Strictly Speaking” to giving shout-outs and thanks to all their supporters in track “Muchas Gracias” to naming one of the numbers “Sabado Tarde” — homage to the street where it all started — these musicians show where their roots belong. By taking the mellow sounds of S.B.-based reggae band Iration and the blues and funk of Slightly Stoopid and then mixing them with hip-hop and limited rock, The Olés really take ownership of this new breezy blend. - Santa Barbara Independent

"The Olés Keep it Light on their Richest Track Yet"

With a sound that fully embraces a breezy style of hip hop infused reggae, The Olés are making a strong bid for the next Isla Vista breakout. For those of you kept in the dark, Isla Vista is the college town that lies adjacent to UC Santa Barbara and has served as a launchpad for names like Jack Johnson, Rebelution, and Iration. Not bad for a small little beach town, eh?

The Olés have slipped their way into a similar niche. They wrapped their arms around the same sound waves as bands like Slightly Stoopid and Dirty Heads. They keep it light, lit, and upbeat. To put it simply, there is an undeniably mellow euphoria that radiates from core of every track The Olés put out. Their latest drop, “Poor”, is no exception. They revel in the joy of 50 cent beers, two buck chuck in red cups and transport you to a simpler time.

Look out for their album Strictly Speaking due out on January 19 of the new year. In the meantime, get your fix on their SoundCloud. - Milkcrater

"Protect Manua Kea – Mauna Mau Loa Vol. 1"

Mauna Mau Loa, Vol. 1

Hawaiians have kept a 24-hour presence on Mauna Kea while marches have been held in Honolulu at the State Capitol and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Gatherings have also popped up across the world with photos posted of Protect Mauna Kea supporters in Texas, Japan, New York, Oregon, and Pasadena, California, where TMT headquarters is located. Support has also come from indigenous tribes across the globe. But this album is not about TMT or science, it is a showing of Kapu Aloha from musicians dedicated to environmental and cultural preservation.

After a call was put out to artists across the country, the movement received overwhelming support from bands in Hawai’i, California, Washington, and Florida. Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 2 is currently underway and will be available in the coming weeks.

Purchase Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 1 on iTunes for $4.99 by clicking HERE!

About KAHEA – The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance

Funds raised from Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 1 will be donated to KAHEA – The Hawaiian Environmental Alliance that advocates for “proper stewardship of our resources and for social responsibility by promoting cultural understanding and environmental justice” and to ensure a “just and sustainable Hawai’i in a world where people, culture and native ecosystems survive and thrive” (

The KAHEA Legal Defense Fund will assist the organization in the legal battle to preserve Mauna Kea’s summit from further development.

Timeline of events until 2010 – Click HERE!
Timeline of events since 2011 – Click HERE!
Funds will be raised from subscriber and advertising revenue on the various media outlets. The full album is also available for digital download with 100% of proceeds donated to the KAHEA Legal Defense Fund.

MaunaMauLoa1.) The Steppas – Note to Babylon (Hilo, Hawai’i)*
2.) Dread Ashanti – There They Go Again (Kailua, O’ahu)#
3.) HiRiZ – Are You In (Kailua, O’ahu)O
4.) Rebecca Beralas – Side By Side (Sunset Beach, O’ahu) [Leap of Faith Records]@
5.) E.N Young – Creation DuB (Imperial Beach, CA) [Roots Musician Records]~
6.) Hot Rain – Get Together (O’ahu) (Afflatus Entertainment]
7.) The Urchinz – Bubble (Honolulu, O’ahu)
8.) Hawaiian Roots Band – E ala E (Hilo, Hawai’i)
9.) aoK – People Unite (Kaimuki, O’ahu) [Polynesian Underground]
10.) The Late Ones – Revolution (La‘ie, O’ahu) [EKM Records]
11.) Project Out of Bounds – Boom Bye Bye (San Diego, CA)^
12.) Arise Roots – Chop Dem Down (Los Angeles, CA)
13.) Stay Grounded – Murderer (Tacoma, WA)
14.) Bobby Hustle – Clean Water (Seattle, WA)
15.) The Olés – Anchor (Isla Vista, CA)
16.) Valley Green – Take Control (Covington, WA)
17.) The Approach – The Mask (Tacoma, WA)
18.) Jehua – Your Man (Waim?nalo, O’ahu)
19.) Hirie – Wiseman (Kane’ohe, O’ahu)
20.) Sound Swell – Throwin’ Shakas (Atlantic Beach, FL)

* 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee (Reggae Album of the Year – To You From We)
# 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee (Reggae Album of the Year – At the Heart of It)
O 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee (Reggae Album of the Year – Are You In)
@ 2015 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee (Female Vocalist of the Year: Rebecca Beralas)
~ 2014 San Diego Music Award Winner (Best World Music Album: Tribal Seeds – Representing)
^ 2015 San Diego Music Award Nominee (Best World Music Album: Project Out of Bounds – Love Tone)

Note: All songs are copyright by each artist and used with permission

Where to Download/Stream Mauna Mau Loa, Vol. 1:
You can find Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 1 available for download and streaming worldwide through: YouTube Music Key, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Amazon On Demand, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Slacker, Rdio, Deezer, Xbox Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, Simfy Africa, MixRadio, MediaNet, VerveLife, Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, JB Hi-Fi, Guvera, KKBox, Akazoo, Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media, Yandex, Target Music, ClaroMusica,, and Zvooq.

Purchase Mauna Mau Loa, Volume 1 on iTunes for $4.99 by clicking HERE!

About the Cover Art

Artist Kirk O’Hara, AKA Mouth Painter, from Mesa, Arizona, designed the album artwork. Kirk was born with a condition called arthrogryposis that left him without the use of his arms and legs and so he paints every breathtaking piece with the brush between his teeth. He is currently working on a move to the Big Island to continue his inspiring work surrounded by Hawai’i and the beautiful people. Although Kirk’s style varies with each painting, he has become widely known for his focus on Native American art.

The original design was for the Chromatics, who have since disbanded. This specific print was signed by multiple reggae/rock artists at the 2014 California Roots Festival in Monterey, CA at’s meet and greet booth. Many of the signatories are featured on the compilation while most others have expressed their support for the cause and are in talks for an appearance on future releases.

Related Links:
KAHEA website
Kirk O’Hara’s Website

Article and Compilation By: Blake Taylor - The Pier

"California’s Premium Reggae Rock: Mad Caddies with The Bunny Gang and The Oles at The Troubador (January 21st, 2015)"

The Troubadour is a historic venue where Elton John and James Taylor got their start. The bands playing there are aware of its great history and are excited to be playing this top five must play stage, according to Billboard. There is an upstairs area with a few rows of benches and a long table in front of each bench. This is the perfect spot for enjoying an $8 burger or $9 chicken wings while watching the show. There is also a separate room at the front with its own bar and band merchandise, in case you need a break from the loud music. Or, you could buy ear plugs for $2.

First up are local band The Ole’s. These guys are a new band so they threw in some covers to their set. They played “Is This Love” by Bob Marley and an excellent version of “California Love” by Tupac. Their original song, “Goin’ Back To Cali” was also a crowd favorite. This band shows great potential. Catch them soon while you still can in small venues.

Next up are The Bunny Gang, featuring Nathen Maxwell from Flogging Molly. They formed in Southern California, but they moved to Denver to focus on an international platform. Nathen mentions that three kids and many years ago, he played the Troubadour with Flogging Molly. Their set is wild and energetic and has the crowd jumping around. Consider the venue warmed up!

At last, Mad Caddies take the stage. This is their first show of 2015 and they jump right into it with one of their harder rocking punk songs. Before long, there is a mosh pit taking up the entire floor all the way back to the bar. Later on, they slow down the pace with a fantastically catchy pop friendly song, “Shoot Out the Lights.” To further showcase their versatility, they bring out a banjo. The lead singer says they wrote one song for the banjo, just like Mumford and Sons, who stretched “one song into an entire album.” Haha! They launch into “Monkeys,” a frenzied ska song. This band is truly a mix of a many different styles leaving the audience guessing at to what type of song will be next. Thus, when their set ends, the crowd chants “One More Song!” The encore is well deserved and results in one final mosh pit. Don’t miss these guys as they tour the country, it’s guaranteed to be a crazy party!

Quinn Delaney - Playlist HQ

"The Olés’ Reggae Resolve I.V. Genre-Hybrid Band Ready to Take the West Coast"

Looking to follow in the footsteps of established reggae bands Iration and Rebelution, The Olés have emerged from Isla Vista as a genre hybrid, ready to take the West Coast by storm. Led by cofounders Matt Tweed (lead vocals) and Cole Leksan (lead guitar), the band is on the verge of releasing its second full-length album, Strictly Speaking, the follow-up to 2012’s Sabado Sessions.

Composed mostly of former Gauchos, the band identifies strongly with the UCSB community, which is where it drew the inspiration for its name. “It is great to hear the [UCSB] olé chant at sporting events because the word is always being used to show support for our squad,” said Leksan. “Similarly, when we can get the crowd chanting ‘olé’ at our shows, it is always an awesome experience.”

Having established a dedicated following in the Santa Barbara area, the band is hopeful that it can schedule a tour to promote its style and sound in other parts of the state and country. “Right now we are in the process of looking for a band who is touring the whole U.S. and opening for them,” said Leksan. “It would be amazing to have our shot at playing music around the country. We are ready to travel and play music anywhere and everywhere, on big stages and at small bars.”

With a wealth of talent at its disposal and high-energy live shows, expect for The Olés to cash in on its early exposure before long. - Santa Barbara Independent

"The Olés Take It To the People"

Isla Vista Reggae-Rockers are on the Rise and Aiming for Success

Friday, September 18, 2015

Isla Vista has produced its fair share of successful artists over the years with the likes of Jack Johnson, Rebelution, and Steve Aoki. Reggae-rockers The Olés are on the rise and hope to join the list of I.V. veterans to make it big.

Founded in 2011 by freshman year roommates Matt Tweed (lead vocals) and Cole Leksan (lead guitar), The Olés have made a name for themselves playing house parties in Isla Vista and gigs downtown. Recent performances of note include appearing at Casa de la Guerra during Fiesta and opening for reggae legend Don Carlos at SOhO for the Roots Reggae Explosion.

The band’s current lineup is rounded out by Daniel Kearney (bass), Eric Lordan (drums), Nick Marks (trumpet), and Dominick Burnham (trombone). Having previously released their 2012 full-length album Sabado Sessions and 2013’s No Strings EP, The Olés have recently been celebrating the success of last year’s five-track Westward Bound EP. But the end of summer saw the band back in the studio recording Strickley Speaking, their first LP with the current line up, which they hope to release this winter. In a recent email interview, Leksan talked about the band’s direction, what separates them from other artists, and representing Isla Vista.

Have you had any major obstacles to overcome as a band in the last four years working together? Bandmembers moving away. We started with a different group of bandmates than we have now; I would consider this current group a re-birth of The Olés. I always think that the band’s songs have revolved around the band mascot, Ollie, more than any of our members. There are so many shifts and changes…but the songs and the styles have stayed the same, thus the shows and recordings have stayed true since day one. Our style has always been centered on upbeat vibes and positive energy.

What do The Olés do differently to separate themselves from other artists of the same genre? The Olés blend multiple styles into each song that that we perform. Compared to most reggae groups, our music is a tad more dissonant and our lyrics are more personal than universal. Our sound combines a brass section, two contrasting vocalists, freestyle rapping, heavy drum and bass with an upbeat rhythm. I think our sound comes off a bit different than most people expect. No matter what, the goal for us is for our listeners to have fun hearing the music.
As a band that is representative of Isla Vista, what image do you try to portray about the college town? There is so much to love about I.V.— the people, the school, the girls, the beach, the weather, the creativity, the parties, the surf. We want to portray the town as we [experienced] it: tons of surfing, partying, and a culture of artistic creativity, and appreciation for live music. We want to portray I.V. as a community that parties together, makes positive changes together, and appreciates the beautiful coastline it lays on.

Fill in the blank, “If you enjoy listening to _, you’ll love The Olés.” 311, Sublime (E), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dispatch, The Roots, Rebelution, Iration

What do you enjoy the most about playing live music? The freedom to unplug your mind and just be free. The feeling of unspoken interaction with others through music. Nothing compares to the ability of sharing the music we love with someone you’ve never met before. When our music can connect with someone, and if even for a second make their night better, all our hard work pays off. - Santa Barbara Independent

"The Olés: Sabado Tarde"

Isla Vista, CA’s finest The Olés provide the perfect start to the Memorial Day weekend here in the US. In the vein of Rebelution, Iration, and their northern neighbors, The Expendables; they are an excellent new reggae-rock influenced band that will no doubt start to quickly gather a national fanbase.
Their page says they’ve “set up HQ at the end of the street Sabado Tarde, allowing us to mold and craft our music in the streets of Isla Vista. We play a mixture of styles to create our own unique, upbeat sound. Currently in the process of playing house shows and venues in downtown Santa Barbara”.
The band has an excellent three song EP [No Strings] out that arrived earlier this year, but we wanted to start here with this great introductory track from last year’s Sabado Sessions, free along with other music at the SC link below. - Insomnia Radio

"I.V.’s Biggest Export: Musical Talent"

It quickly becomes clear during a stroll down the crowded streets of Isla Vista on a Friday or Saturday night (or most any night) that hip-hop and EDM dominate the town’s soundscape. But occasionally scattered among the ubiquitous, booming speakers are live performances of a markedly different style — a style more in tune with the vibes and character of the town.

Performed at late-night open mics at coffee shops and jam-packed backyard concerts, the music produced by I.V. residents themselves tends toward the carefree attitude of sunshine reggae and the deep and personal sentiments of the indie singer-songwriter. Over the decades, I.V.’s been as prolific in its creation of musical artists as any half-square-mile of land can be; soft-rocker Jack Johnson, reggae chart-toppers Iration and Rebelution, and EDM (electronic dance music) star Steve Aoki all trace their musical origins to their time in I.V.

The town’s influence on these artists’ music is unmistakable: Iration’s “Summer Nights,” for one, is entirely about its members’ memories of chilling in I.V.; the tar balls covering Johnson’s wife’s “bubbly toes” could only have come from the gunk continuously washing up on the town’s rugged shore.

“It’s a small town, but it’s just filled with people the same age that share the same love for the beach, same love for having a good time, same respect for nature, and just working hard, and then playing hard on the weekends,” said Matthew Tweed, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for The Olés, who combine reggae, rock, rap, and brass instruments. The band, which recorded a first LP in their home on Sabado Tarde Road, started out playing for friends during the drinking game Snappa before putting on increasingly bigger backyard concerts.

Like their internationally famous predecessors, today’s generation of I.V.-born artists, including The Olés, indie rockers Yancellor Chang, and singer-songwriter Erisy Watt, draw on the people, environment, and ethos of the community to produce music.

“People were really, really responsive and said such kind things about our music, so I just thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to keep going with this’,” said soft-folk artist Watt, whose first performance came at an open mic at Coffee Collaborative with a friend from her residence hall.

On top of the ample opportunities residents and local businesses and organizations offer for performances and the close proximity within which potential collaborators live, the scenic beauty surrounding I.V. has been another source of inspiration.

“I have these spots that I go to, like at the point where Sands [Beach] is and Devereux, and then I’ll run out to Ellwood, where the butterfly preserve is, and there’s this eucalyptus cave where all these eucalyptus trees create this really beautiful cave shape where you could go out and look at the whole coast,” said Watt.

Despite I.V.’s hedonistic reputation, many of the artists who have emerged from its vibrant creative scene look to fuse their work with a socially and environmentally conscious mission.

“I.V. has such a great community, and there are a lot of people that are very environmentally aware,” said Watt, who plans on shaping an eventual tour around community outreach and fundraising for nonprofits. “That’s kind of the experience that I’ve had there — that I want to then kind of spread outward to wherever I go with my music.”

But despite I.V.’s prolific musical history, there exist concerns that efforts to tame the frenetic environment that has given birth to yesterday’s and today’s artists could stifle the tradition.

Brad Katz, a guitarist from the now-broken-up reggae/rock group Yancellor Chang, says he’s witnessed a marked increase in law enforcement’s willingness to discourage and shut down I.V. concerts for even the smallest potential infractions.

“I don’t know a better thing to do with a lot of drunk people than to put them in an area where they’re facing a stage and not being in trouble,” he said.

The success of I.V. bands has carried over to bookings in nearby towns and around the world. Artists like Watt, The Olés, Yancellor Chang, and surf rockers Sun Daes and Dante Elephante have all jammed at Santa Barbara venues such as Blind Tiger, Velvet Jones, and SOhO, and, of course, Iration, Rebelution, and Jack Johnson have played there and way, way beyond.

Both Watt and The Olés are preparing to release new music by the end of the year. In the next few months, Watt looks to release her first EP, while the reggae-rockers are expecting to release their upcoming LP, Strictly Speaking, mastered by Grammy-winner Brian Gardner, before the end of the year. - Santa Barbara Independent


You can be sure any album that starts like this is going to be a damn good time, and The Olé’s do not disappoint. I’ve listened to this album several times in the past week, usually first thing in the morning at work. Let me tell you, it is not every album that can get you hype about trimming leaves off tomato plants at 7:30 am, but Sabado Sessions gets the job done.

There are a lot of things I could say about this album, a lot of different reasons I like it. From the silly exclamations thrown into some of the songs — a high pitched cartoonish voice shouting “Sabado!” in “She Knows“, and the tentative, goofy voice that warbles “The Olé’s” at the beginning of “Anchor“, one of the prettiest love songs I’ve heard in a while — to the fact that I’m pretty sure one of the band members’ grandmothers is featured on the intro to “Al Grande“. But the main thing you should take away from this post is that Sabado Sessions is, first and foremost, a lot of fucking fun. A beautiful melding of reggae and hiphop, with bits of ska, folk, and classic rock influences thrown in, you can tell that these guys know how to party — The Olé’s’ music is made for getting down.

As much as I really enjoy the whole of the album, “On The Move” is definitely my favorite song (at the moment — my favorite song on any given album tends to change over time). The guitar line that holds the song together is just dirty, and the massive breakdown at the end of the track is so good it’s almost Floydian. Check the song out and then hop on over to the band’s website and get the whole album for yourself. The Olé’s are so cool they’re giving Sabado Sessions away for free. - The Indie Blender

"Review of The Olés"

"These boys are certainly something to look out for..." - The Bottom Line


Rise - 2018

  1. Rise
  2. Cruisin
  3. Burn Glow
  4. Angel in the Outfield
  5. Losing You
  6. Traffic
  7. No Signal
  8. Fall
  9. Astral Tenements
  10. Pastime
  11. Healer
  12. Run to the Moon

Strictly Speaking - 2016

  1. Strictly Speaking
  2. Please Hold
  3. Poor
  4. Have Fun Getting Old
  5. Sabadub
  6. Sabado Tarde
  7. Sunshine
  8. Crown
  9. Prohibition
  10. Landlord
  11. Slide on Down
  12. She Knows
  13. In The Mood
  14. Hazy
  15. Muchas Gracias
Westward Bound - 2014
  1. Riptide
  2. IV League
  3. El Rio
  4. Going Back To Cali
  5. On the Move



Born between the pacific ocean and the Santa Ynez foothills on the south facing shores of Santa Barbara, The Olés have been making "the kind of music you put on while cruising to the beach at sunset" for the past 6 years. A love for the sound, the community, and the lifestyle bleeds through in their ever evolving sound, rooted in reggae, hip hop, and soul. Cutting their teeth at Isla Vista house parties, The Olés have played across the Western U.S. - from Colorado to Washington and back down to SoCal - sharing stages with the likes of Rebelution, Don Carlos, Passafire, Hirie, and The Mad Caddies.

From the Monterrey fairgrounds at the California Roots Music and Art Festival, to the dim lighting of recording studios back in Santa Barbara and L.A., The Olés have been on a journey to use their sound to connect and inspire people. 2018 saw the band come a long way, and is sure to be a year for the books with the band having just dropped their much anticipated sophomore album, "Rise." Produced by Rebelution’s Wesley Finley, Rise is available everywhere now.

Band Members