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"No Place Like Home"

So what do you do when your sisters and you have shared the red carpet with Tom Cruise and Miley Cyrus, sung for Hilary Clinton and the U.S. troops, and recorded a song with Wil.I.Am.? And what about after having rocked out the legendary Whiskey A-Go-Go, kicking it in the studio with Bruno Mars, or scoring the 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar party song? Well, if you’re The O’Neill Sisters, you go home.
And for this trio of sisters, that’s the lovely land of County Kerry Ireland.
The O’Neill Sisters are a “second generation singing group” whose “mom and aunts were a group in the 70’s.” With their family and homeland providing inspiration and fuel for their creativity, the girls took to recording. In 2005, they recorded an album of traditional Irish tunes, which garnered them much exposure within Ireland and the UK and eventually led to events that brought them to the United States. Living in New York and Los Angeles, the girls lived “the life of their dreams, working and writing with big named songwriters and producers” and enjoying themselves thoroughly.
But eventually home beckoned. Longing for the peace and tranquility of their native country, the trio packed their bags and headed back. Despite some change, they found the return home to be just what they needed and finding themselves reflecting that there’s No Place Like Home.
And, in many ways, that’s just what the album feels like, particularly once one has heard the story of The O’Neill Sisters. Lovely vocal harmonies are the star here, befitting both their Irish roots and their pop experience, while acoustic, singer-songwriter-based arrangements lead throughout, giving a nod to their families influence. Put all together, it’s much like a lazy, warm summer’s day, gently wafting its way through the airwaves.
The album kicks off strong with “Hello World” (not to be confused with the song by the same name from Lady Antebellum) and is instantly a highlight. Featuring vocally driven pop melodies with some tasty strings that hammer home the bridge, this is a great way to start out. Keeping the good going, “Forever I’ll Be Yours” follows nicely, with an island vibe and a lyric and vocal reminiscent of something Colbie Caillat might record. It’s yet another highlight of the record.
“In The Country” is a song that finds the trio tapping into their family’s folk roots, with a soulful, near Americana feel while the cover of Dan Fogelberg’s “Leader of the Band” is rendered solidly and with great harmonies. It’s a peaceful, easy feeling for “Right There With You (The Louisiana Song),” touching on subtle country notes while “Golden Brown Eyes,” with its haunting mandolin and lilting vocals is straight out of the Irish Isles.
“Dusty Highway” brings the tempo back up with plucky acoustic guitar and some tasteful fiddle notes throughout, conjuring backwoods country with gentle attitude as the 60’s era anti-war ballad “One Tin Soldier” lends weight and conscience, as well as nostalgia to the song listing. The vocals blend flawlessly and star this as another great listen.
Something of a pop-flavored piano ballad colors the notes of “Passing By,” a track that is hauntingly rendered and sung beautifully. It feels like a stripped down, “acoustic sessions” type track that, with a few production fill-ins, could make its way onto pop stations everywhere and score big. “Sunday” brings more old-school vocal renderings with a contemporary acoustic arrangement while the trio delivers a faithful rendition of Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind,” complete with handclaps and passion. Finally, “Come Lay Me Down” brings the album to rest with its subtle, low-key nature putting the vocals front and center and ending things on a proper note.
The O’Neill Sisters have a pedigree and experience that inevitably gives them a strong leg up and on No Place Like Home they use that to their greatest advantage. Pulling together harmonies that can only come from living life together for so long together with peaceful and passionate acoustic arrangements, this trio has crafted an album that is a more than worthy listen for those with ears to hear. In the immortal words of Dorothy Gale, “There’s no place like home.”
Reviewed by Andrew Greenhalgh
Rating: 3.5 Stars (out of 5)
- Andrew Greenhalgh


Black Is The Color LP 2005
Forever Never Ends EP 2009
No Place Like Home LP 2011



The O’Neill Sisters are three sisters from a small rural village in North Kerry Ireland. They are a second generation singing sister group, growing up in a musical family (their Mom and two aunts sang in harmony, wrote music and toured as a family group in the 70’s with famous Irish groups like Clutch and Planxty.) With legends like Dylan and Fogelberg and The Carpenters constantly playing in their home, it was no wonder the sisters grew up singing and sounding like daughters of folk. Growing up in the 90’s and learning about life through the music of the noughties has also played its role in shaping the sound the sisters have become known for and so while that folk country sound is in their blood, it is the undeniably appealing pop influence in their songs that has audiences of all ages becoming devoted fans. With the release of their new album “No Place like Home” recorded overlooking the infamous Killarney lakes in Ireland in just 13 days, the sisters have created a record that is truly a testament to their wonderful talent, as vocalists, writers and artists. Having already performed with huge European acts like Westlife and Girls Aloud on their home turf, to performing for the likes of Hilary Clinton and Mayor Bloomberg in the U.S the girls are continuing to grow their fan base in both Europe and America.