Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, performer, artist; a2z truly does it all. His unique style and lyrics exploit realism and wit to express the joy, stress, success, failure, love, fun and hard work experienced in everyday life. Through undeniable intellect and drive, a2z creates timeless music.


Nothing can say more than the music. Play a track and understand...

His musical style can be classified as hip-hop fusion, blending everything from classical to rock to R&B to rap and pop.

The name a2z comes from his innate ability to “do it all.” From composition, to writing, recording and engineering, to graphic art and performing, a2z truly is a renaissance man.

The subject matter of a2z’s music is an audible manifestation of his life experiences; most of which nearly everyone goes through. From trying to find himself and his purpose, to working his way through college and graduating in the middle of a recession; the feelings of pain, heartache, depression, success, triumph and all others in the emotional spectrum are all represented in a2z’s music. This authentic approach and ability to relate to the masses has allowed a2z’s music to resonate with and audience as vast as it is varied.

Montgomery, Alabama native, Andrew a2z Cotten, has been creating and performing since the age of 7. A classically trained pianist and vocalist as well as prolific lyricist, Andrew was drawn to music as his primary creative outlet.

A recent Business graduate of The University of Alabama, a2z plans to put the entrepreneurship skills he has acquired to good use by not only building his career as a serious musician but also laying the foundation for his music empire.


"Shark Week" (Single) August 17, 2012
"Somebody that I use to know" (Digital Promo Release) May 17, 2012
"Rack City- Z mix" (Digital Promo Release) February 1, 2012
"KNGSHT" (Single) October 24, 2012
"Sasquatch" (Single)- October 17, 2012
"New.0" (Single)- October 3, 2011
"2 Whom It May Concern" (Single)- Sept. 27, 2011
"Deal Or No Deal" (Digital Promo Release)- Sept. 19, 2011
"Little Lion KNG" (Digital Promo Release)- Sept. 6, 2011
"Barely Ballin..." (Digital Promo Release)- August 30, 2011
"Solo Cup" (Single)- August 23,2011
"S.O.S. (Sinnin On Sunday)" (Single)- August 16, 2011
"Super Human" (Single)- August 9, 2011
"Knowhere" (Single)- April 21, 2011
"Backpack 2 Briefcase" (LP)- October 7, 2011
"A-List" (Single)- August 13, 2008
"In My Zone" (Single)- January 21, 2008
"Murder Maestro" (LP)- February 2007
"We 3 Kings" (LP)- August 2006
"a2z Presents..." (LP)- March 2006
"Up From the Underground" (LP)- January 2005
"B-Boy Radio" (EP)- September 2003
"6 Stories from the 6 Story" (LP)- November 2002

Set List

Two's Day
Super Human
I Hate My Job
Deal Or No Deal
Little Lion KNG
26 Letters
Oh Ya!
(Set List subject to change according to venue and time slot)