Daniel Perrone

Daniel Perrone


It's really all about just being yourself. I mean, I've dealt with a lot in my past; I've been hurt, betrayed, heartbroken, ecstatic, baked, and loved. I write about these experiences because they're all I know, and I'm positive there are waves of people who feel the same and can relate!


My name's Daniel Perrone and I'm a musician located in Sarasota, Florida. My music focuses on all the emotions, situations, and feelings I've experienced, both under and above the influence. Musically, my influences include Guns N' Roses, Blink-182, Green Day, Sum 41, and a large portion of other bands that I grew up with.

I've always known music was what I wanted to do for a living. I grew up on it and eventually got hooked on it like a drug fiend. I'm still growing up as I continue to write my songs and with each song I'm evolving. I've felt pain and love, just as many people have and will. No matter who you are or where you've come from, just about every one of us has been afraid, angry, or jealous in their lives, and my lyrics express these emotions for all those who cannot.

I want to be a voice for the voiceless and give hope to the hopeless, all while delivering catchy tunes to those who need a song or two.


"Set in Stone," my debut album, is in production at the moment...