The Only Factor

The Only Factor


The Only Factor Love for music, love for life, love for everything that allows us to be creative and make music. "Can you feel us storming through? Through your life and through your mind."


Storming Through

The band couldn’t believe it when they got the call from their agent only six months into their career. The Only Factor was set to open for one of Canada’s biggest bands “The Trews” at one of Sudbury’s biggest annual music festivals “Summerfest”.

Pushing the boundaries of the mainstream rock/alternative sound, influences ranging from the Seattle sound, to metal/punk and even some blues and jazz it did not take long for this young and eager band to make an impact on their local music scene by connecting with a wide range of audiences.

The small town boys started building a fan base by playing small shows and a few battle of the bands in their hometown. Due to lack of venues in the area of Sudbury, Ontario, they quickly realized that they couldn’t rely solely on booking agents to get gigs as an original band. Determined not to become a cover band, they decided to take it into their own hands. They got together with several other original bands in the area and organized several successful shows. After hundreds of people attended every show, The Only Factor realized they had something big going on.

Once the 3-song demo was finished, one of the soon to be singles “Crazy Bitches” was featured on Q-92.7 fm’s 8 o’clock showdown, running ten nights straight and was inducted into the hall of fame. They generated such an interest that they were interviewed live on the air and advertised by the station for headlining the “Relay for Life” (a charity fundraiser for cancer with over 2000 in attendance). They were later contacted by CKLU, another local station and did a one-hour feature on the band with an interview and live acoustic set.

After winning studio time at the Capreol Days Battle of the Bands, a contest of 20 or so various original artists, they decided it was time to add to their already available 3-song demo. By the time they shared the stage with “The Trews”, they had already finished writing their first album, received airplay and interviews on two radio stations, got their picture in the local paper on two different occasions, and built a substantial following. All this was accomplished in less than six months. With a quickly growing resume that speaks for itself and over 500 demo cds sold, the boys are well on their way to a successful music career.

The Only Factor is currently finishing recording their first album and will soon be relocating to the Greater Toronto Area. They are presently seeking management, production, a booking agency and a record deal. After seeing these guys rock the stage, you will see why they quickly became one of Sudbury’s biggest bands

The Only Factor…comin to getcha!



Written By: The Only Factor



portrayed as the evil one while your out bangin evryone
so distant we have become, your no longer the chosen one

are you feelin down, cause i could hear you cryin at the bottom
i know your feeling down, cause i could see you crawling at the bottom
cause i could hear you CRAWLIN

distracted by the shape of your breast, while your forehead is bangin of the head board
ive foreseen our future is nomore, your no longer the chosen one

repeat chorus

your down,your down, your down, your down nooooooooooooooooooo

repeat corus

your crawling, your crawling


Written By: The Only Factor


There you go, far away
to save the world
Thoughts and prayers everyday
youll not be forgotten

G.I. Joe, Where are you
Your off to save the world
G.I. Joe, I miss you so
You are my hero

I'ts been so long, since we have talked
The thought is Killing me
I guess its your, your destiny
to save the world

The Things We Come Up With

Written By: The Only Factor

"The Things We Come Up With"

3 long months, just you and I
sleeples nights so many strums

We have been through thick and thin
weve created a following

Those things we come up with
were do they belong
those things we come up with
were do they belong

10 gold songs and a rock band
stalking girls there window shoppin

do you think we have earned the right to say
weve accomplished what most cant

Those things we come up with
were do they belong

roger that rouge leader Mike Roberge is clear for launch.



The Only Factor - Rock Bottom
( Demo with 3 tracks) sold 1000 copies in Sudbury

The Only Factor - The things we come up with
(full length demo recording limited edition cd tins released spring 2007)


The Only Factor - Crazy Bitches - Q 92 Sudbury(2006)

The Only Factor - Crawling - Rock 95 Barrie
( May 2007)

Set List

-60 + mins of Original Music including band introduction, drum solo and crowd interaction.