The Onlymen

The Onlymen


The Onlymen are a pop/rock band that once was described as "something like Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers if they were English." We are strong song-oriented band with four vocalists and fall somewhere in the tradition of great pop bands from The Who to Fountains of Wayne.


Things change fast these days in pop culture; just when you think you know what’s cool the rules change. It almost seems like we’re all living in that scene from the original “Time Machine” movie, trapped in Rod Taylor’s lap watching the world change in speeded up action.

There are always some things that cycle around, though: In pop music it’s the tradition of smart song writing a catchy hooks that are brand new but somehow familiar in a nice comfortable fuzzy way. The haircuts may change and the guitars might be a little buzzier, but you can draw a straight line from Buddy Holly through The Beatles into The Ramones into Nirvana right up to bands like Guided By Voices and Fountains of Wayne.

Standing right along that line are The Onlymen. Featuring the song writing of longtime Sacramento guitarist Warren Bishop, The Onlymen use vintage means to make a modern noise. Along with Warren, the band features Larry Cox (formerly of Plate) on bass guitar, Todd Weber on rhythm guitar, and Kevin Gailey on drums.

It’s a good noise ... you really should hear it some time.


Noise Machines - Available now at and ITunes store!

Gearhead - Warren Bishop solo album that features Onlymen bassist Larry Cox, playing and producing the song "Anaheim". Available at

Set List

August Daydream
My Life
Second Place
King of The Fools
Book Of Happy
Through Their Eyes
Tornado Girl
Kickin' The Walls Down
I Lost It

We sometimes will throw a cover in:

Is She Really Going Out With Him - Joe Jackson
I Can See For Miles - The Who
Blood And Roses - The Smithereens
My Kickass Life - Adam Marsland