The Only Solace
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The Only Solace

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Our First EP Recorded Which We Won At A Battle Of The Bands Is Called A Fallen Angel. And With 5 Tracks It's Not Too Much Or Too Little.
With Fear, Disguise, In December, Find Us, And Tyrone. Our Myspace Has Streaming Music On It.



well donald ulrich, the drummer has been playing since he was very little starting out on a mickey mouse drum set (its good to know the roots)then went into the shcool band because of his love for drumming and eventualy got his first actual set from his grandfather at the age of 15 a tama stagestar then after some years of begging his uncle leighton... he found out that uncle leighton was moving to florida and decided he could give it down to him... his ludwig 10 piece which deffinatly serves its purpose now.

jared ulrich has been interested in the guitar for many years although he never had the time or the money to get one then one day his parents got together with some friends from high school and one of them was john pennello (who was supposed to be randy rhoades replacement in black sabbath but had a soon to be wife on his hands) let jared borrow a guitar he made... jared was obsessed... he would play it all day then finally in the summer of 2003 he had the 150 dollars to buy his warlock and a small practice amp 15 watt drive and now has an SG , a les paul, and a brand new epiphone gothic explorer that his uncle bought him (thanks uncle leighton!). He Is Now Singing And Playing Guitar For The Only Solace As Well!

Then Theres Alex he plays bass for the only solace. He got his first bass on his birthday back in 2005, a squire bass and he became the "first" bassist for the only solace. After playing a few shows and improving he then bought (and still plays) an epiphone goth thunderbird and is playing through a 300 watt Kustom PA System. Alex has been working hard since joining the band and is committed to the band and has been improving and bettering himself and has been rocking hard since!

And back by popular demand is Tim Audett.. one of the founding members of the band. His Influences Have Varied Over The Years, It Started With His Older Brother Johnny When He Gave Tim His First Guitar (Hondo Custom M16Rifle) On Christmas Many Of Years Ago... Tim Instantly Fell In Love, And Wouldn't Put The Thing Down... When He Started Getting Better, He Found Out That His Neighbors Since Forever Also Play The Guitar And Drums... And So They Started A Band. Anywho, He Eventually Got A New Guitar, an Epiphone Gothic Les Paul, and left the band. Now He is back, hardcore, and is still playing Guitar on his BRAND NEW Schecter Hellraiser With An Uber Metal Pedal Through A Crate V100 Tube Amp, And Out Of A B52 AT412 Cab.

Well We've Mostly Recieved Our Influences From All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Lamb of God, And Many More. Well we dont really know any band that sounds like us... We try to sound a lot like All That Remains and other heavy metal bands but a lot of our stuff is different sounding, like something we have never heard before.