The Ontario Power Generation

The Ontario Power Generation


Rock-revivalists Ontario Power Generation will rock you so hard, you’ll pee your pants. Think Coheed and Cambria meets The Mars Volta meets Esthero meets Iron Maiden.


Delivering power-house performances dripping in chimerical intensity, Ontario Power Generation are rock revivalists hell-bent on scaring the mice right outta your walls. Deafness be damned. With 70’s-inspired guitar lines, skillfully integrated time signatures, and virtuosic musicianship, OPG will work you into a euphoric frenzy. Even Keifer Sutherland couldn’t resist their Rockination (true story).

Comprised of frontman/bassist Al Mousseau (scholar of all things Rock), guitarist Michael Kolk (classical virtuoso who can't help but rock his face off), and percussionist Jon Fedorsen (the “hip” one), this Toronto trio performs with raging gusto and shameless chutzpah. Each song is literally the best two or three minutes of your life. Don’t worry, we will indeed be handing out towels at the door.


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Set List

Have got 12 performance-ready originals. Usually play 5 or 6 of these in a set (songs vary between 3-12 minutes). Occasionally throw in a cover from our repertoire:
Led Zepplin: Achilles last stand
The Mars Volta: Drunkship of Lanterns; Cicatriz ESP
YES: Heart of the sunrise (our favorite surprise encore)