The Open Door Project

The Open Door Project

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Experimenting at the intersection of psychedelic rock music and electronic music, while heavily drawing from art rock movements, ODP explores concept-driven thematic content while being a live act that is engaging in it's layering, visual programming, looping/sampling, and use of technology. The band is constantly inspired by other art forms and often incorporates into their own work, artworks ranging from graphic art and stories in print, to installations and film/visuals in their live shows.


The Open Door Project is a setup experimenting at the intersection of psychedelic rock music and electronic music. Inspired by the sound-design and compositions of acts ranging from Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Autechre, BT and Thievery Corporation to Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Beck, Snarky Puppy and The Beatles, the band set out to carve it’s own little niche corner at the fringes of where these acts left off.

Comprised of a four piece band, Achal (bass/synth) and Daniel (drums/electronic percussion) provide the incomparable rhythm section that forms the heart of the band, over which Aleif (guitars/effects) and Aseem (Voice/Electronics) add their intricate layers of melodies and words. Frequently exploring the darker themes of our times, the song writing brings to life stories and characters existing in some shape or form in our lives. The band is constantly inspired by other art forms and often incorporates into their own work, artworks ranging from graphic art and stories in print, to installation art and film/visuals in their live shows.

Born in Aseem’s home studio in Delhi, ODP (as it’s lovingly abbreviated) has found new family in Boston, and like most families it is constantly evolving. Today, with 4 permanent members and various contributing members, the band is busy performing works from their debut full-length album, Corridor #32, and the follow-up EP Melladrine, Aside from this, the band is already working on finishing the writing of a second album, as well as a visual EP of live arrangements from these ongoing performances for Corridor #32.

Stay tuned for release and show updates.

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ODP Current Line-Up: (Boston/USA)

Daniel Gonzalez: Drums/Electronic Percussion

Achal Murthy: Bass/Synthesizer

Aleif Hamdan: Guitars/Effects

Aseem Suri: Voice/ Electronics/Visuals


Past Members: (USA)

Dalton Harts: Drums

Max Harris (Ohr): Visuals, Installation Art


Past Members: (India)

Nikhil Vasudevan: Drums

Abhishek Mathur: Bass/ Voice


Past and Current Crew of Artists and Collaborators:

Anindo Bose: Production/Sound (India)

Carl William-Stoodt: Production/Sound (USA)

David Rosenspire: Live Sound (USA)

Sam Harchick: Videographer (USA)

Pranjal Dua: Director of Video (India/USA)

John Caruso: Photography (USA)

Heather Blount-Elliot, George Gill - Dance, Movement Art (USA)

Maxwell Lee - Sculpture, Installation Art (USA)

Yu Sasaki :Engineer (USA)

Ishaan Chhabra: Production/Sound (USA/India) 



In The Rain

Written By: Aseem Suri

And the day
Unfolds past my window
In neon lights and passing blurs
As blue as the rain

Wave at strangers
Rowing by in boats of sorrow
Friends in the rain

Are you with me now?
Are you with me now?
Are you with me now?
Or is it just the rain?


Draw your eyes
Retreat now
Into castles
Made of dew drops
That rise as high as

And the water
Takes the form of thoughts
Float in air
Before they
Crash into reality

Are you with me now?
Are you with me now?
Are you with me now?
Or it is just the rain?



Written By: Aseem Suri

Waiting at the exit
Soaked in blue of midnight rain
Blinking Looking Skyward
Emphasize the empty face

Dawn of red desires
Fleeting glimpse of nearness
Cloaked in imperfection
Gray Shadows of haunted sin

Time and Time and Time again (Dissolve the world in me)
Time and Time and Time again (Absolve the shadows)


Lynch the grey out from my black while I dawn my nameless face
Save the bits and pieces of a past life
Someday find me walk alone and lend me a broken cane
Walk with me a step before leaving me behind


Hazy gravel shades
In moods of black
Haunted velvet shapes
Float and rise in time


Float a feather on the breeze and let it call my name
Write a note on a broken leaf and sail it my way
Carve a message on a tree and leave a trail behind
Dig my grave and leave a rose for if I’m lost in time
The smile I faked never realizing would leave a scar
I sit alone embrace the night left to be a shooting star
A shadow of the night, a bleak hope of resolve
In grains of sand, A wish to be absolved



Written By: Aseem Suri

The light it makes a million
Patterns onto the skyline

We look up to the heavens
Gathered here another night

For Telepathic movements
Kaleidoscopic constellations

These days they smell of fear
And insecure rebellion


And I see words, they travel
Leave a trail of red behind
Whispers howl in shadows
Can you give me peace of mind?

The insect hibernates now
Awaits it’s time to instigate
A smile is for the needy
Can you give me peace of mind?


Let’s keep moving on
Let’s keep moving on


Drowns my soul in light
And the words they glow
Like fireflies in the desert

Silly queen
Lies on the battleground
Weeps for her broken crown
And rain fills out her tears


One Step

Written By: Aseem Suri

Laugh at me all you want
I am leaving this town
With a box of raisins and half-written songs

A story lies in the sky now
Look up before it rains
At your gods in ships of mist sailing to safety

You borrowed wings from time to fly
You pawned your last shirt for a rhyme
You lose your face as you walk through life
One step at a time


Take my hand, step inside now
Let the road be our disguise
To escape intact from these noisy streets of slaves


Listen now
Don’t lie down
And wait for the shots to fire
Come on now
Venom flies
Out through their forked teeth
All is lost
All is lost
To priests and thieves and gods
Run out now
Run out now


You swallowed sweetened poison to please
You sold your mind and body for release
You walked silently through their fire
One step at a time


Say to me, you’re coming now
Say to me you’re through with this town
Free from their domains and laws
Ride with me into the dawn
Vagabonds singing songs
Trying to find a life that’s ours
Nobodies for the world outside
Come let’s find a road to roam


Arcane Designs

Written By: Aseem Suri

Inside my mind
Are we close enough?

Let go
Of all your instincts
I will strap us down

Designs of the mind
Shall we give in now?

Hold on
While we meltdown
Evening’s getting sober now

Time is of the essence now
Time is of the essence now


Stripped down
Of all our masks
Do you trust me now?

Touch me
And kill this feeling
Haunting scent of the past

And sinking back
Dreams reflect the weather

Divine in us
Flows from one to the other

Time is of the essence now
Time is of the essence now


Design the world in black and red
Define the borders of our time
Resign yourself to helplessness
Refine your dark arcane designs
To find a night of bliss and thrill
In dark the magic voices bloom
Remind ourselves of life and grit
We shine like silver in the moon



Corridor #32 (8 song album)

Melladrine EP (3 song EP)

Melladrine (Concept based 13 song album currently being recorded)

Set List

In The Rain
Streets of Prague
Float Upstream
One Step
Hurt (NIN Cover)
Arcane Designs
The Unconsoled