The Open Window

The Open Window


Our music is a cross between modern and progressive rock. We cater to a more mature crowd, despite all of us being under 18. We love to play, no matter where, and always have fun doings so. We think that our music says it all for us.


We really started as a cover band back in October of 2007, but soon saw that we really wanted to write our own music- we wanted Progressive Rock. Numerous jams turned into our two current albums, the second of which, "Fragments," is our own musical statement. We cater to a more mature age group, though people our own age also tend to love our songs.

Our main influences come from Rush, Led Zeppelin, Rhapsody of Fire, Joe Cocker and Yes. We think that what sets us apart from bands in our area is that, well, we're actually worth watching.

Well, that's really the story. The band members:

Joe is about the best classical guitarist in the area, which contributes to a lot of his electric work.

Alex is a very good bassist, who is actually filling the shoes of another very good bassist.

Matt was a contestant on "America's Got Talent," for a beautiful piano piece he wrote. He is definitely a piano prodigy.

Justin is most-often compared to Neil Peart and Dave Weckl. He has great writing abilities, and is currently working on his voice.

That's it really...


Janurary 2008- 1st Album "Multiple Letters"
- one local hit, a vocally challenging acoustic piece entitled "Night."

April 2008- 2nd Album "Fragments"
- "Divisions" is hailed as an instrumental masterpiece by many fans, due to it's extremely catchy guitar riffs
- "Supremacy" is well-recieved as the first true song boasting Matt's piano skills
- "Trichromatic" is well-liked by those who adore a heavier rock, especially for it's one-of-a-kind melody

As far as radio airplay, you have to understand that our area (Eastern-Central New Jersey) is very ignorant to new types of music other than extremely locally. Mostly metal-lovers around no, we unfortunately haven't seen airplay.

Set List

Our typical setlist is about 30 minutes long, but we can go over an hour if needed. It is usually structured:

1. What You Get
2. Trichromatic
3. Divisions
4. Supremacy
5. Fragments
6. Keep Your Head High

a longer setlist would also include:
1. Life
2. Going Home
3. Ode To Alexander (acoustic solo)
4. The Olive Tree
5. A Part You Can Be
6. Dances (drum solo)

We have only done two covers in our time together, and they were covers of Rush's "Leave That Thing Alone" and "La Villa Strangiato"