The OPM Band

The OPM Band

 Hobe Sound, Florida, USA
BandPopClassic Rock

Imagine your favorite songs from the 60's, 70's & 80's ... now imagine 5 really good veteran musicians playing them, "just like the record", with a high energy stage presentation and audience interaction. We want you to sing along, we want you to get up and dance, we want you to feel ... OPM


We could have set out to play OUR favorite songs, because we have the talent to do so, but ... we chose to play the AUDIENCE'S favorite songs, and that distinction has served us well. Other bands remain steadfast in their resolve to only play THEIR favorites. And while they sit home practicing, OPM is booked every weekend playing all the high energy clubs, festivals and concerts mixing it up with the dance crowd, making friends, making money, and plying the entertainment trade.



Set List

Top 10 Classic Rock. A representative sampling of Beatles, Stones, BS&T, Robt Palmber, Steely Dan, and Doors. Typically fill 3 hour shows with 2 - 80 minute sets with a short break in the middle