The Opposite Sex

The Opposite Sex


Razor sharp melodies to cascading chourses, The Opposite Sex are a pop band with a dark aesthetic. The band has gained a reputation for its swelling intensity, tribal rhythms, and bittersweet melodies.


The Opposite Sex has been described as “majestic, powerful, and ready to take on the current scene with rare fury”- Post
With the release of their 2009 EP, “Live and Burn”, the Opposite Sex breathes new life to its dark, post punk sound with elements of pop and 60’s psych.

Assembled in 2004, and inspired by the post-punk era’s harder acts, the band has gained a reputation for its swelling intensity, tribal rhythms and bittersweet melodies. A recent live show was reviewed by Big Takeover Magazine, calling the band “Arresting post-punk complete with a slightly saucy glam stomp.”

Obscure Sound characterized the group as having“a sound deeply layered with pulsating guitars and a tight rhythm section led by an infectious bass tremolo, lead singer Shawn Helton is like a melodramatically electrifying combination of post-punk legends Mark Burgess and Ian McColluch.”

With their third album “Live and Burn”, The Opposite Sex appeals to a broader audience, while still maintaining a dark persona. “Leave it All Behind” begins with an icy, emotional verse that breaks into a catchy, unforgettable chorus. For fans of their previous material, songs like “Same Big Bang” and “Frozen Heart/ Frozen Mind” depict a strange anxiety, over layered textures of aggressive guitars and drums. “Live and Burn” invites the listener to share a personal experience with a little nostalgia.

The band released a self-titled EP in 2005, which was well-received and earned them a slot at the fourth Drop Dead Festival at The Knitting Factory in New York alongside headliner Lene Lovich. Their first full-length record, “Violent Heartstrings”, was released in 2007 and has received praise from reviewers such as Mick Mercer.

The band has been featured on Radar Report, an XM Radio program dedicated to seeking out the best new alternative artists. The Opposite Sex is currently preparing for an east coast tour to support the Live and Burn EP.


Violent Heartstrings

Written By: The Opposite Sex

The Violent Heartstrings I see within your eyes
The love of tomorrow will never be the same
So, you know the way, push away….

Kissing in silence, our silhouettes in rain
I know that were drowning, your body slips away
Over the edge, it ends, so it ends

Our heartstrings

Forever lost, in a distant voice that fades
Cherishing moments, a breath we cannot take
Thoughts of your caress, your caress

To travel backwards, surrendering the day
Flowers and funerals, if only I could say
Has hope come too late, is it late?

Our heartstrings…

To take it apart, wishing to return
Where did I go wrong, can I carry on
Will you carry on, is this what is beyond
Can you carry on, or will I carry on?

The Sound

Written By: The Opposite Sex

Our thoughts are camouflaged
Revolving in our heads
Were crippled by our time
Collapsed and stuck again

So they all say its a time to rise
The sound of pain
will, will not resign
Stagger out into the world
So they all say its a time to rise

The worn and selfish kind
Were failing all our lives
The clever fall again
Were missing all weve had

Reach into a scene
Of a desperate mind
Cursed and thrown away
wait, wait for a sign
Captured now without a world
So they all say its a time to rise

Lets all rise

Surrounded by the walls
Locked until the end
Waiting for the drum
Bonfire at the edge

Awaken to a war
Weve have always seen
Tragically confined to ways
that are obscene
Daggers stab without a word
So they all say its time to rise


The band's new release, Live and Burn is coming September 1, 2009

Previous releases below:

The Opposite Sex (EP) was self-released in fall 2005 and is distributed through Dischord Direct, Projekt, and Interpunk.

Violent Heartstrings, the band's first full-length record, was released July 2007. It is distributed by Hungry Eye Records, CDBaby, as well as Ecke Archive (Cinema Strange distribution).

The EP and Full length album(Violent Heartstrings) has received airplay on Rader Report, a show on XM Radio featuring unsigned acts, as well as UMUC (MD), WGMU (VA), WRGW (DC), KXLU (LA), WZBC (Boston), WNRN (VA) and Radio Crystal Blue (NY).

Set List

Shows are typically 35-45 minutes. Playing around 8 original songs (more or less depending on time constraints) with an occasional cover song.

The Opposite Sex have covered these songs live:
The Cure's - 100 Years
P.I.L. - Public Image
The Chameleons - Up the Down Escalator
Bauhaus - Lagartija Nick
Misfits - Bullet
The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary
ACDC - If you want blood you got it
Bowie - Moonage Daydream