With sell out crowds at their last three shows, a full length album in production, and the ability to play main-support for national bands like Bowling for Soup, Orgy, and Freezepop, this five piece neo-psych band is on the launching pad and ready to rocket to the next phase of their career.


The Orange is a neo-psychedelic band from Dallas Texas, started and fronted by the musician/ visual artist, Scott Tucker. Other members of the group include Kirk Livesay, Dan Langerman, Jason Jessup, Tyler Spears and Cody Waits. The Orange’s breathtaking live performances and fantastic song writing make them a truly unique American band on the rise. Scott Tucker, known for his erratic and electric live performances, has been compared to such rockstar greats as Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Ian Curtis. In 2008 The Orange recorded and released a six song E.P. featuring the single “Nip/Tuck” with producer Jim King. A tour of major market cities in the eastern United States quickly followed. Gibson Guitars, Vitamin Water and Redbull signed up as official sponsors of the band. After the initial success of the record, Tucker took a year off the band's tour schedule to complete a body of artwork entitled "Fantastico", for several scheduled art openings in both Dallas and New York City. The openings were well received and financially successful. In 2010 the band resumed work and started writing, recording and performing again. Several sell out shows including one at the prestigious Ghostbar at the W Hotel established the band as one of the most popular groups in Dallas. The year 2011 saw THE ORANGE writing new material, performing regionally and interviewing acclaimed producers for the bands first full length album. That same year THE ORANGE appeared in SPIN magazine, Blackbook Magazine (NYC), advertisements for Ray Ban Sunglasses and on VH1. Performances at the internationally known SXSW Music Conference and sharing tour dates with the national acts Flyleaf, The Toadies, Bowling for Soup, Louis XV, and Orgy have now pushed the band into a national spotlight. THE ORANGE is currently working on their first full length record with the Grammy winning producer Eric Delegard due to release in 2013.

Musical Influences: The London Suede, Blur, Pulp, Nirvana, The Dandy Wahrols, Joy Division, Oasis, Elastica, Orgy, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Subhumans, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Menswear


"Please Open on Doomsday", Due out in stores early 2013

"A Sonic Collection of Short Stories from Lala Land", Spring

Set List

[Setlists vary in relation to specific event]

(From La La Land E.P.)
1. Teleprompters
2. Nip/Tuck
3. Snow Globe
4. Sonic Love
5. Six Feet at a Time

(From Please Open on Doomsday L.P.)
1. I Want a Girl
2. Mr. Money Maker
3. Valium
4. 30 Minutes to Midnight
5. Cityscape
6. Closer
7. Blow-Up
8. Such a Drag
9. Into Me
10. Peace of Mind
11. Doomsday for Mr. Denton
12. La La Land

(Unreleased Material)
1. Monsters in A Small Box
2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
3. Be Alright
4. Underwater

(Cover Songs)
1. In The Meantime [Spacehog]
2. Ordinary World [Duran Duran]