THE ORANGE is psychedelic dance rock. They are retro 60s. The best five piece since the Reagan Administration. A sonic dirty bomb!


Home grown in the exploding Dallas, TX, Scott and Aaron as middle school friends started writing music together. The youthful, but ahead of its time scream rock of Special Edword was born. Special Edword enjoyed modest success playing to packed crowds for over five years in featured venues in Dallas, Arlington, and all over Texas.

In Fall of 2006, Scott and Aaron teamed with Derrick and Brandon to start a side project called THE ORANGE...the color, not the fruit.

THE ORANGE was to be more mature - a natural progression in their song writing. This new sound reaches backward in music history and pushes forward through the sea of modern music mediocrity. In December 2007 Gabe completed the sound adding tasteful keys, synths, and loops.

"To listen is to be taken to a splendid icelandic wonderland of sound I call La La Land" -Scott Tucker, THE ORANGE is.. tasteful, fresh, insightful, colored, faith, ambition. A collected musical splendor from a distinguished world of intense ideas, improbable reason and organized beauty which all of us create in this unstoppable, undefined continuum we call life. Unlike any band you will ever hear in a town of predominating suburban continuity, THE ORANGE is imagination, significance and ART. Something to believe in again after the world has been shaken. Words to take to the heart when losing faith. A sonic media that is artistically eloquent, and no less than dazzling..


A Sonic Collection of Short Stories from La La Land (EP)

Set List

60-120 min

Ordinary World (Duran Duran cover)
Snow Globe
Sonic Love
Monsters in a Small Box
Mr. Denton
City Scape